Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Righteous and Revelatory Resurrection

Our association together evolves and matures your dependency from temporary and outer illusions which are only relatively real for a moment .. these are the artificial objects of false worship that ye believe will give you happiness and healing in your heart and mind .. and yet, only bring forth hopelessness and depression .. faithlessness and mistrust in life and people .. from getting 'burned' and hurt from the circumstantial and from relationships which become built upon the lower nature in humankind.

Following the lower nature leads to becoming used and degeneratively decomposed. It leads to death the slow way.

I have come with the Mighty Blessed Host of Heaven .. and with the Infinite Universe Mother .. to offer you a better way .. a grander possibility .. an everlasting opportunity within Our care and protection.

The Kingdom of God is happiness and harmony .. it is stability and security. It is the unwavering and unchanging Primordial Father Intelligence and His One Power .. of which there is an open door directly within thee.

The Kingdom of His Sovereignty establishes the Universal and Eternal worship in you. You become righteous in thine devotions .. and clarified in understanding the correct use of thine free will powers in worship and righteousness .. and in living in accordance with the rest of the universe. Not self-righteousness nor opinionated preconceptions .. nor stubbornly subjective thinking only .. yet, objectively righteous in your use of the Father's Life in you. This is your Life. You grow in character and consciousness and divine righteousness with the powers of eternity in you .. the authority that you are wielding each day and every moment with the eleven beatitudes of the power of Invocation.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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