Monday, March 16, 2015

Our Pure Religion is without Boundaries

At The Urantia Society of Michael of Nebadon at Sovrnty Society, you are first introduced to the Father's Ideal. You begin .. verily .. to know that there is a plan for your life .. a divinely orchestrated purpose, and a great meaning in your life towards attaining that Ideal.

As you remain with Us, reading the public lectures that I am offering, and discovering the Opportunities .. you engage with Us at Sovrnty Society; here you begin to understand Our Ideal in a more granular and detailed way. I give to you my many beatitudes and eternal verities which become a guiding light upon this royal road to your freedom through mastery of all things in you. You are beginning to be aware of what's required for your fulfillment to enter into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty; the things that must be attained by you in order to prepare thyself to enter into the Kingdom of His Consciousness.

Then, and only then, after your peripheral study through our free and public writings .. you may become invited to apply to Salvington College Seminary. The Seminary is where you actually become more in earnest My disciple and a living candidate to enter into the Kingdom and prepare for the Second Birth of the Eternal Embrace .. this is the graduation and completion of all thine lifetimes in your earth journey which allows you to become His unique Individualization beyond the ups and downs of mortal living. You become stabilized in His grace and mercy; the inheritance that is yours by divine right comes closer to you in vibratory realization because you are opening to the requirements of the Universal Father Son Spirit .. and you come to experience a great renewal of mind and heart and even body .. and a redemption in your personal consciousness awakening into universal citizenship .. sonship and daughtership .. as the cycle of all your lifetimes of seeking are maturing .. and your soul development tremendously accelerates. You are accelerated in your karmic redemptions as the misqualified conditions which you have been carrying and which have been an obstruction to your fuller actualizing become evaporated in our association.

To become born .. once again .. into the more abundant life everlasting .. through the 'hand' of the Father .. into the Kingdom of His Eternity and Personal Divine Immortality.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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