Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Coming into the Earth

With my return at this time and in this way .. the childlike personality soul will gravitate to Me. I come to work side by side with the Avatar of this Age .. my blessed friend and brother .. Saint Germain. He continues My teaching from 2000 years ago. I return in collaboration with the Host of Heaven for this planet. We serve as One Heart and Mind .. inseparable and unconditionally in love with the Earth and all Her Kingdoms of life.

...those human beings with a purity in their heart and soul .. and a mind receptive to learn and grow in their character and consciousness .. these people will find the doorway opening to them for our assistance and assocation together.

I dwell in many place throughout this our Universe .. and beyond. One of my present expressions is here within the flesh of this reality.

Be not surprised by My arrival in this simple way. Again,  I have come to perpetuate the lamp of the Eternal Verities for Humanity. I have no need for worship or to be placed upon a pedestal beyond your reach. I am your simple brother .. the Universal Father Son as a member of the Paradise Order of Creator Michaels.

Michael of Nebadon

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