Friday, March 27, 2015

Infinite Transmutations

Always .. the solution to every external circumstantial dilemma is our Inner dissolution of internal circumstances and conditions.

Beloveds who offer Me the privilege to serve you .. change can only happen from the exhaustive evolutionary unfolding of failures and disappointment. The human self and mind must develop certain qualities in their character in order for faith and trust to blossom.

For this reason I and the Universe Mother Spirit Holy Spirit have been offering to My aspirants the beatitudes.

A mortal personality must become completely exhausted of their opinions about life .. their interpretation of events .. their preconceived ideas which have no foundation in reality .. their personal meanings which had been conjured up in the imprisonment of their minds .. these must become failed and useless to them. Only then will the human personality allow Our association to come to them and blossom their mortality into Immortality.

You'd be surprised at some of the conversations I do have with others who appear to themselves in wanting of Truth .. yet the egoism of their mind throttles and  chokes their truer desires forcfreedom and mastery .. their ability to breathe into their personality soul a fuller understanding of God the Father Son Spirit.

Together .. I am with you .. as One Heart and Intelligence which must infiltrate thine consciousness and erase all mistakes .. the misqualified conditions .. in orer to penetrate the density of the human shell.

Alas .. we await upon thine evolutionary progression and the genuine impulses of the human free will to come forth and seek. To knock truly. To find the God that has given them the very beginnings of life; for this is the earthly platform .. thine landing strip .. thine take off terminal .. upon which ye shall complete your earthly career and arise into union with the Immaculate and Glory filled nature of thine bestowal Spirit of the Father God of Eternity.


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