Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Break this Bread of Mine Consciousness for You

The more fully you give yourself to the raising of thine human field into the Undifferentiated Absolute Father who has bestowed Himself in His Substance within you .. the greater will you experience his nature. You will know the Infinite  that much more in you as your own Individualized identity.

I have given My current disciples at Salvington College Seminary the beginning keys to the Kingdom.  Some of them have certainly walked with Me in times past.

These are the Sevenfold Powers of free will that every single soul personality does hold within their authority and ability.

These Sacred Keys are the Embracing Eternity Exercises  .. our true yoga .. allowing for the discipline in each one who follows in Our way and truth .. to unfold organically and without hesitation .. with a well developed faith trust and determination .. a burgeoning renewal of mind into their own Christ Perfection and Purity in the Father's Presence.

Those who are coming into Our association here and now .. must begin their relationship with us at The Urantia Society of Michael of Nebadon at Sovrnty Society. Then ye shall be progressed into more of the illuminated avenues of Perfection through Sovrnty Society.

...and as you transfigure and transform .. so shall you be preparing to apply for Our Candidacy at Salvington College Seminary.

Always .. the Brotherhood of the Universe will act as your intermediary in your attainment of further progression in the universes. Only the immature and rebellious children refuse Our cooperation and convergence. 

This is our initial way of having the planetary administration of the Host of Heaven begin working with you towards relieving you of the multitude of erroneous concepts about My Ideal .. and the Infinite Trinity Endowment.

Thus .. the first phase in our assistance to you is your beginning clarification .. your maturing intellectual emancipation from errors in your thinking which have been caused by the planetary administration default at an earlier time.

Now .. as you progress out from the torturous vibrational imperfection which has become wrapped around you tightly like a coil of steel .. from centuries of erroneous administration problems most of which were not caused by you .. then you begin your personal alignment with Us .. with the Father Son Spirit .. the Divine Circuits of the Infinite Deities.

Walk with the Universe Mother Spirit and I .. take our generous hand in your thoughts and feelings. Allow us to help you in actualizing your godly inheritance and authority. You have a truly great destiny which awaits you as you cooperate with Us.

Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon

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