Monday, March 23, 2015

Actualizing the Majesty of His Love


Attention and focus for every human being is the creative power of the universes expressing. Whatsoever we focus our attention upon with intense thought becomes feeling .. and feeling is the injection of our Life force into our chosen object or thought of worship.

All our attention .. as the creative power imposes and impresses upon our energies those qualities we have worshipped by our attentive focus.

The constructive demonstration of this co-creative power brings mastery over all fears and doubts .. all lesser qualities within the human octave become transfigured into the Father's Immaculate Conception .. His Perfection becomes manifest in our personal world. . .

The Holy Grail of all Mastery always holds to five precepts in the use of mind: Magnification,  Magnetization, Momentumization, Manifestation, and Mastery.

These are the righteous use of creative faculties in setting into motion all manifestation whether it be a worldly centered focus or the intent to create Christ Consciousness. Mind brings forth manifestation through these divine precepts of mastery.

Christ Michael of Nebadon

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