Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Full Illumination of the Eternal Embrace Completes Your Earth Curriculum

All conflicts and every disappointment can become transfigured into the everlasting glory of His Omnipresent Light...
As ye learn to wield the righteousness of the powers of thy creative free will, ye shall step free and clear of all mental negativity and any and all outer disharmony of every kind imaginable.
Imperfect conditions only exist in a person's life because they have mismanaged their creative attention and focus...

Remember, we are each a unique Individualization of the one God Force and in that we hold His creative power to set vibration in motion through the beam of our attention and focus which is our consciousness focused upon something. For this reason I say place thine attention - the beam of thy Consciousness - upon the Perfection of the Unchanging Animating Power moving you. This is the Life principle as it is anchored within thy physical experience here.

The 'I AM' is a word symbol for God which allows us to realize that we are Him - in miniature of course - yet, His creative powers still run through our consciousness. The Age of Accountability is now upon humanity wherein each Individualization of the Father must understand their divine nature and identity and learn to wield the sword of their own 'beam of attention' towards Perfection so that they set into motion the perfection of the God Force...By perfection I mean to say the higher vibratory rates that have qualities of light, love, and life Itself...

So, when we say or think or feel, 'I AM' we are announcing creation for ourselves in our location of the universe. When I share with you the free will power of Invitation, I am instructing thee to make wise choices as to how ye shall focus the attention of this creative free will ...the 'beam of thy creative attention'...

. . . and in this way by fulfilling the law of creation you illuminate gradually your personality soul into the fullness of His Sovereignty - you slowly create a permanent union with the Father Principle dwelling right within thy midst and of which you become fully identified with. Day by day you learn to embrace eternity which is fulfill his law, so that you can learn to live His will. And all of this leads into the completion of your earth curriculum in the Eternal Embrace.

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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