Tuesday, May 7, 2013

His Mercy and Bliss Endureth Forever

Breathe deeply into this moment and look around you in the room you are in. Breathe in His Primordial fullness...His Glory which is bathing you right now. His Omnipotent Omnipresence is burgeoning . . . pressing into visible manifest creation waiting for an opportunity to outpour His Perfection. Be of service by allowing, creating a place...a space for that fullness of God to outpour His Perfection in you, through you, by you, for you, and as you. Perceive His everywhere presence imminently around you...and it is truly you after you dissolve the superimposition of density which is like a garment of density draped over You...the Supreme Essence which is formless, nameless, intangible, unending, and an indescribable mystery. This is what we are...a mystery and it is immensely blissful to allow that mystery to be a mystery...to remain a mystery and yet to draw it into your field of receptivity through the application of the Seven Eyes wherein you are working each day gently and subtly...happily...to remove the density...to transfigure the atomic structure of thy field so that it aligns with the three higher bodies. We, in the physical flesh experience have the four bodies that make up our field - physical, etheric, mental, and emotional - and these four are extensions or precipitations of three higher bodies call them - 1.) the Higher Intelligence which enfolds and interpenetrates you; 2.) the Treasure House Body which holds all the goodness, truth, and beauty you have ever generated. It holds all thy substance and supply, all thy resources and purified creative energies waiting to be utilized by you as the appropriate time - for instance that is how monies can be precipitated into your  experience or circumstances can change where you are given opportunities to express a greater unfoldment of your gifts; 3.) and third, what I may call the Pure Omnipotent Electronic Body of Light or your OverSelf or Oversoul; then beyond that there is the pristine glorified immaculate and pure 'I AM' particle or fragment of the Father. So you are working towards aligning and raising the vibratory radiance and emanation of the four lower bodies into the three higher bodies, so all can operate in conjunction and cooperatively together. We are each an extension and a manifestation of these higher bodies of greater perfection reaching into these lower octaves to learn, to grow, and to bring completion to our Christly demonstration of mastery over all energies and vibration, to take dominion over all your accumulated momentums and turn these energetic momentums upward into constructive light filled use and expression. In this way, we honor God the Life Force presence that we are. so it is a demonstration of our own value for Life and its use in creating qualities, virtues, and conditions which glorify God, His Mercy and His Graciousness, His Love and His Generosity and Justice, His Fairness and His Goodness, Truth, and Beauty...

At graduation time when you have done this and when you have brought completion and balance to your lifestream or christstream, then you quicken a bit more that physical body and its subtle bodies into the resurrected Higher Intelligence Body. You 'pull upwards' your personal energies after serving within these lowest of octaves. This is the graduation, the completion, the threefold initiation that demonstrates to life that you are accountable, that you desire to serve God's Will of expanding perfection, that you have balanced your karmas or misqualified energies from every and all lifetimes of learning and exploration in these lower octaves of life. Then, and only then, will you fulfill thy soul desire for union with God. This stage or phase is merely the next step in a ten thousand step process which leads ever inwards/upwards in octaves to the Spirit, the Son, and then the Father where you are transmuted once again and then sent out to do His bidding and Will. It is this which will give to you utter bliss and excitement, courage and strength, consciousness and creative power of the potential pent up inside of you that are waiting to be unfurled...

and all these universes are His Body and are filled to overflowing with such love and mercy, such intelligence and glory, such peace and prosperity. Hence, you have entered into the Kingdom of Sovereignty making thyself a permanent individualization of the Supreme Being, and you have helped to unfold the Kingdom of Supremacy which allows the Supreme Being to actualize His potentials and His Sovereignty within creation; for you are dedicating thyself to furthering His Glory in all that you say and do from here on...and the rewards are beyond explanation nor description...

With love for you each in your ascent into His Mercy and Bliss
Michael of Nebadon

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