Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thy Garments of Light Cometh Soon

When I say unto you, as I do now say unto you, that ye are born again of water and the spirit, then all which is past is as perished as though ye had gone from old earth-bodies into those that are new, as ye shall find in truth that ye have as ye fulfill the great law of existence. Through the Endowment of Paradise Trinity thy way is made clear to travel upon; and with the daily application of the Seven Eyes of Attainment, ye will gradually rise up unto ever greater frequencies of grace and ease...

For the Kingdom of Sovereignty is all-pervading, all surrounding and ye must make a preparation to invite its Omnipotence into thy field of consciousness. Command its eternal everlasting substance of pure light to infiltrate thy human imperfection, to quicken and to purify and transmute into freedom the personality wave thou art, so as to become at one with the very stream of thy life force intelligence and power.

I AM Michael of Nebadon, once known upon thy earth as Jesus of Nazareth. And my eternal name is the Living Word  that is the Second Person of Paradise. His Elixir is held in trust for thee, given to me to hold thy until that glorious day when ye have developed the capacity to drink and eat of thy inheritance; for He awaits patiently until that day when ye have prepared a place to receive of Him and wherein the spark becomes the flame and thy flame indwelling shall become united eternally with the personality soul thou art...

I AM thy Creator Son of the Order of Michael sent from Paradise to conceive of this creation and to work with thy Mother for its unfoldment into Light and Life. Conceiving, nurturing, fostering the growth and development, the actualization of every potentiality of the individualization of God Himself. Thus, all streams of His life shall become raised ever upwards unto the immaculate conception, the very Perfection of Paradise. And that is the very beginning of thy journey unto the Father of all Lights.

When flesh putteth on immortality, then is it ready to share the life of the height that is Spirit, even though it
walketh still on the earth and meeteth the problems that earth calleth up.

Michael of Nebadon

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