Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Living Flame and Intelligence of Universalis

He sojourns with us, in us, and as us. Doing His Will and desiring to fulfill His Plan for thyself is being of great service. He desires to merge eternally with the personality and soul that you are. Seek to become more God conscious and to foster perfection in thy vibratory radiance. Seek to heighten your human nature unto His divine nature and identity. Each day spend some time with the Seven Eyes of Attainment; for every small effort that you make in His name is an eternal accomplishment for thyself. This would be thy greatest service right now in your life as an aspirant studying towards thy completion - the full and complete atonement - weaving the seamless garment of eternal life out from the imperfections of the garment of flesh.

Apply the eternal wings of attainment which are adoration and acknowledgement, acceptance and application, accountability and adventure. Give to this attainment time rhythmically each day; with consistency and determination to accomplish heightening and refining your human nature into the divine attitudes and ideals of your very own indwelling flame of Universalis the Father of us all who chooses to travel with us each step of the way.

Invite Me into thy meditative time wherein silence and breathing take place. My Holy Comforter Presence will continue to guide you, to teach you of the ways of Paradise. Invite the Mother flame of Holy Spirit to come and saturate you, flooding thy life field and outer world with Her Grace and fire of Love. Together, our association with you will inundate your field of receptivity with the living substance of the octaves of purity and mercy.

I love you and I stand with you, at one with the very life force that animates your every moment of existence. I protect you, guide you, showing you the approach of the Immortals wherein you exchange the finite for the infinite, the temporary for the eternal, the changing appearance for the unchanging reality. Our association takes you into the unfoldment of weaving the seamless garment of everlasting life establishing for your lifestream individualization the fusion with Universalis, thy living flame of love, wisdom, and power which hails from the First Creative Source and Divine Center of all life.

Work each day applying the Seven Eyes and especially Inquiry wherein the divine mirror of life reflects back to you your own hidden and incomplete energies awaiting your recognition, release and regeneration.

In the Infinite and Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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