Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Father of Universality, Son of Eternity, Spirit of Infinity

“The struggles and pain and sufferings of being a part of the world are the anvil which shape thy personality soul, thy character and thy intelligence…thy intellectual focus…thy mind; weaning thee away from the overindulgence of being influenced by the materializing force and giving thee the strength to change thy attentive focus towards Me…the Omnipresent God Force, the Love, and the Mercy of the Son of Eternity.

All personality souls are gems, some needing more buffing, but nevertheless, a true gem. Each is of inestimable value to me, and as the very Life Force I AM, I travel with ye every step of the way through trial and tribulation, thru confusions and conflicts, asking ye to turn My way, to learn of my law of existence, and to spend thy time in earnest seeking truth and working to perfect thy nature and identity. Even the most humbled are the life force presence within my sight… even the blindest and meanest mortal is a living part of My body and Life.

I share with you now, if ye give the most ignorant human soul a glimpse into eternity by evaporating the veil that obscures their vision, they will choose to honor their own godhood and walk together with Him as one.

My love is with you: the power of the Spirit poureth on you beauteously: it is my work which ye do, and no power on earth or in heaven can do more than help you at the moment's instant.  Ye will go on.  My work shall be done! . . . When ye are prepared in the fullness of time, then the harvest shall be reaped.  I say unto you, go forward sure and calm and free, knowing that in the depths of humankind’s experience hideth eternity's mystery.

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy Flame
~Michael of Nebadon

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