Friday, April 19, 2013

Seven Eyes of Attainment - Inquiry: Journaling and the Three R's

The Seven Eyes includes Inquiry as one of the Seven Eyes of Attainment. Inquiry is when you inquire about your own past misqualified energies that are still being held within your field. Inquiry includes actually two parts: Journaling and the Three R's. Journaling is writing each day in a stream of consciousness allowing your energies thoughts and feelings to stream out through you. It is one of the most potent approaches to turning on thy creativity, and perceiving the misqualified energies which are hiding within thy field, thy unconscious. Then after you catch your imperfect energies with the journaling, you immediately can use the Three R's - of recognizing your misqualified creations as they arise, releasing all blame and shame and taking accountability for that creation of yours, and redeeming the misqualified energies back into pure light and life. You do this redeeming aspect by drawing to you the Love Omnipotent from your own God Force Oversoul Presence. It is coming to you from this fuller greater Selfhood of You. I AM at one with that Life Force, yet it is coming to you from you building that sacred bridge between you here in the physical body flesh and thy higher fuller Selfhood...godhood! Love is the Majesty which secures, establishes, and compels the entire creation to align with the immaculate conception, the vibratory radiance of God Himself. Drawing down to you this Omnipotent Love from your own Oversoul will transfigure all things and establish immortality for you over time.

You may also desire to couple your Inquiry work with Identification and Contemplation. Invision the Immaculate Conception of thyself in thy pristine emanation and radiance. See this Immaculate outpouring coming through you from your own God Force Presence and above you from your Oversoul...washing away, annihilating, quickening the vibration of your field into pure light vibration. Invision this! Impregnation is thy breathing into your field , in this yogic breathing, of consciously breathing this outpouring from thy oversoul, receiving the energies, and breathing the energies into thy field in its expansion. Invitation is thy command, thy drawing downward into thy field of human imperfection this glorious perfection of God. So herein I have mentioned - Identification, Inquiry, Invision, Impregnation, Invitation. The other two powers are Invocation and Instruction which you are receiving now as you read My words of guidance and direction.

Contemplation is a healthy and necessary part of Invocation and Identification. Contemplate the fullness of thy Selfhood by creatively imagining and perceiving thy Pure Omnipotent I AM as thy deepest, fuller Selfhood...Godhood. This Godhood which you possess is the Supreme God of creation Individualized - in its fullness as thy Oversoul, and then stepped down into this octave.

Contemplate and Say, "Pure Omnipotent I AM . . . Expand thy Glory and Perfection! Pure Omnipotence I AM, Infinite Omniscience of the I AM that I AM, Thou Great I AM God Force Presence . . . Immortal and Indestructible Omnipresence I AM . . . I call thee forth with all thy glory and power to establish thy Perfection in my field and in this world. Thy Immaculate Goodness, Truth, and Beauty I AM..."

Michael of Nebadon

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