Monday, April 15, 2013

Magnify, Magnetize, and Manifest thy Godhood

Your personality soul is a magnet that attracts all of your experiences in life . . . every circumstance and event, relationship dynamic and struggle, achievement and accomplishment becomes manifested by us . . . by the qualities of energy that we are vibrating to within our subtle bodies. You cannot change a single thing in your 'world of appearance' - the circumstance and environment that you find yourself living in - except by changing the inner causes, inner vibratory qualities within your own energy field. All Energy is Intelligent Energy that obeys upon the command of the individual. In your past you invoked this Law and made use of the divine Intelligent energy of the Father's Presence - His Substance - which you molded and shaped into circumstance and environment. Sometime you set into motion negativity and circumstances that have caused you to struggle in pain and confusion. And you are perhaps even now living within those circumstances and desire to change these things within your life and world. Through the power of your choice and attention, you have the free will to choose how ye shall focus and apply the beam of your attention and energy, your desire and demand that you place upon Life.

What directions have you placed into motion for yourself by using these inherent powers and abilities you have? We are each held to this Omnipresent Power and Intelligence to create and set into motion causes that reap effects such as magnetizing certain other individuals into our life with similar qualities and vibratory manifestations within them. This is how the unmanifest Energy of the Universes become manifest - through the individualization of Itself which is you and I.

However, once you choose to magnetize constructive effects by setting into motion constructive causes . . . once you understand and learn of the Law of Redemption - that is, how to change the destructive effects into constructive effects, then will you be able to have what your heart craves and desires. The quickest way to reset yourself in the direction of constructive experiences is by asking the Father's Presence to come forth and start rearranging all things in His alignment and His Will and Intent. We are fast moving into a new age within the Earth civilization - the Age of Accountability and the right use of our creative power in setting into motion cause s which reap effects and shape our destiny. There is no such thing as coincidence. You must embrace this idea or else you will be creating for yourself fear, doubt, and victimization within your own mind and heart. With this greater understanding you are setting into motion mastery and freedom. These are universal principles that have yet to fully 'catch' onto the race consciousness of individuals evolving within the Earth system.

As I am writing this, there is a deer, actually a family of four deer staring directly at me through the window of my office in my home. I think they've been drinking from the hummingbird feeder. I didn't think that hummingbirds could drink that much that fast! There are no victims. Everything in your life that takes place is created and set into motion by you . . . everything. This is grand news because only by embracing this idea can you . . . will you . . . have the power and creative choice to change and shape your life and destiny exactly the way you prefer it to be.

Now, if you desire to go into God in the way that has been prepared by the Father Intelligence of us all, then you offer your free will to Him living as your deepest Self and enfolding you, guiding you, leading you, but not coercing you to do His bidding. When you offer this choice gift of free will and ask Him to come forth and accelerate your life into full alignment with Him, He will come forth and rearrange, transfigure, align, make you more aware and give you Life. The Father has sent into this world His Sons who do come with this purpose in mind and intent - to gather those personality souls who are ready to go further in their evolution and to disperse to each one the Water of Life which will accelerate their evolution and this process of alignment with the Father Power. The culmination of this alignment occurs when you merge and fuse with the indwelling Particle of the Father's Substance within your own mind and heart. The changes happen over long periods of time and space, yet the end result is that you will have chosen over time and space to do the will of the Eternal Father - eternally - this is the only way that you will be given the chance to become immortal.

The people you find yourself around and the life circumstances that you are living within such as city and country, relationships, and all . . . these are effects that you have set into motion - some of these effects you set into motion lifetimes ago and they are only now appearing in your personal universe in this lifetime. When you ask the Universal Father to expand your personal free will into His own Will, you are asking Him to start to bring all your lifetime effects and causes into alignment and to begin to set into motion for you the experiences that will allow you to graduate and move onward in your development beyond the nursery school levels of the Earth. You are asking for graduation and the process may take a few more lifetimes or perhaps can be completed in this lifetime depending upon the effects that you've set into motion over the course of lifetimes and your dedication and determination to bring completion to all things so you can progress onward.

How do you know if you're getting closer to completion? The completion of which I speak is the resurrection and ascension of your personality soul into full union with the Spark of the Father within you and it is a conscious experience that you will know with certainty in the here and now. Asking for His will to supersede all things and for the Father to come into your energy field and take up residence so to speak begins with your acceptance and cooperation . . . your honoring the design and process that He has set forth from the beginning of time for all universes. He has said, " Perfect thyself, even as I AM." You must work out your perfecting yourself over time and space within the Earth, and when you are nearing completion, you will know with certainty. Regardless, you can step forth today and in the days to follow within this very lifetime and ask Him to accelerate things and He will as long as you understand the Law of how to redeem the past effects that are in error, and how to take this energy which you borrowed from Him at the beginning of your existence and change it, transfigure it back into it's pristine nature and vibration. You must understand this Law in order for Him to accelerate your progress. Not understanding His Law of Redemption and asking for greater progress to occur would cause greater havoc and problems for you because He would be speeding up your evolution by bringing up your hidden energies from the past and you wouldn't understand or be able to cooperate enough to allow the transfiguration to occur for you. You would interfere with it and block it from taking place. As He brings forth from within you the dormant energies and effects that you've set into motion in error, you must be able to apply the powers of redemption to this process of cause and effect.

Then and only then will you find yourself succeeding. So, your soul personality is a magnet, and from your soul flows your life force. That with which your attention connects and makes real, your soul does magnify. This is how you find yourself in the circumstances and environment of today with the types of relationship challenges and blessings of today. It is a mathematical and scientific principle and no one can escape this Law. It is the Father's Law and design for evolution to take place across the universes of creation. It is the way that you grow into mastery and alignment with the One Principle of Life. You have a choice to magnify good or evil, temporary or everlasting, separation or union. You hold that choice through your free will, and your free will is honored by the Father and all who are His Emissaries. It is a Law: As within, so without! What appears around you is what exists within you. The physical reality is a symbolic metaphor for the inner consciousness and inner vibratory qualities which exist within you. When your attention connects with any temporary appearance such as from the news media or your personal life surroundings, your life flows from your own heartbeat into it and it grows within you first as an energy within your subtle bodies of feeling and thoughts and lastly, as an appearance within your world of appearance. You may either magnify the shadows and distresses of the appearance world by focusing the beam of your attention upon that and allowing that to grow for you, or you may choose to magnify the Power of God or Absolute Good by turning the beam of your attention and energy to your own divinity. That divinity Self is everlasting, all supreme good, constructive. Holding your attention there, dedicating yourself to that passion and desire of immersion within Him will cause you to receive His Powers and abilities - your inheritance within the Kingdom. In Yogic terms, you will experience more and more of the mastery of being a yogi, at one with the Divine Principle . . . the Primordial Fire of Love that is Omnipresence . . . all-pervading.

Holding your attention to this Greater Selfhood that you already are but must become consciously manifest as your experience, allows you to receive His Grace, His Powers of creative intelligence, spiritual insight, and divine perception. This is what leads one to happiness and fulfillment permanently even in the midst of your evolutionary changes and challenges that you will go through.

Magnify His Powers and Qualities of Goodness, Truth, and Beauty until your Inner Self grows in confidence, grows in beauty, grows in the awareness of Truth, grows in character and integrity, and grows in perfection in imitation of the One God who commands us each to "Perfect Thyself", to seek ye first the Kingdom of Perfection or Spirit, and then, all else will be added onto you in the right and proper way. You will receive the Kingdom and that is your Inheritance in Him. It comes in a way that you can appreciate and handle in your life.

Choose to magnify the good, the true, and the beautiful in your life and in the people of your life - and all else will become aligned with this 'choiceful' command. For example, when you have a judgment arise within you, be aware of it and know that your judgement is a statement to yourself that you need to accept the very thing within you that you judge in the other person or circumstance. Yet, magnify the Truer Selfhood that you are even while you feel and experience the inner judgement. Then, apply the Law of the Divine Mirror. You will become masterful at deciphering the outer judgement and your own inner quality that corresponds to this judgement. If I judge, let's say, someone who is being impatient - for example - then I can trace this judgement of the outer to the inner quality within me whereby I am impatient with myself and maybe with others. I can then accept this as a part of my ever growing, ever perfecting personality that needs maturity, and once I've accepted the impatience within me and stayed focused upon the Eternal Self that I AM enfolding my physical self, I will absolutely discover that the energy of judging impatience 'out there' in people and things, diminishes greatly. The charge is gone. I step free due to my awareness of taking mastery over the impatience within myself. Its the action of the divine mirror of life. You can't just avoid looking and tracing the effect to its cause, and you can't just stay within the judgement for ever and ever, so the only alternative is accessing God's Will and Law of Perfection . . . the Divine Mirror of seeing my relationship to outer people and things, tracing it back to the inner cause operating within me, and invoking the Law of Redemption and Forgiveness to allow the Father Principle to come forth and mature my own impatience through acceptance and understanding of my own immaturity. This erases the error in my own consciousness and begins to set my free. I shape my future destiny by using the power of magnetization and magnification.

Dissolved in the Omnipresent I AM
Michael of Nebadon

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