Friday, April 19, 2013

Conscious Understanding of the Great Creative Word

God's will is to expand His Perfection, His Vibratory Radiance, His Glory into and throughout creation which included every single Individualization of Himself. With the Seven Eyes of Attainment, we have the power to invoke and invite this Omnipotent I AM Presence and Power to come forth and take dominion over all human imperfection of lesser vibratory radiance. This is why the God Force which is extended to you directly from above you in your Oversoul Presence holds Its Omnipotence over all creation. This Great Light comes forth and quickens everything vibrating too slowly into the glory of Its vibratory speed. That is the fulfillment of the Law of Life - to bring forth through thy call to God above you the Omnipotence of His Love and Mercy which comes in and changes all lesser vibratory qualities into the Perfection of Itself. Through the Seven Eyes and understanding this Great Creative Word you hold Omnipotent Power to correct all things that you have erroneously misqualified for thyself and which are holding you back from a fuller realization and manifestation of thy divinity. It is the exact methodology that I used back in Galilee to attain my own transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension. It is the precise approach that all have used to attain over the centuries their own completion of the earth evolution.

As you focus your thought and feeling attention to this Conscious Understanding and Use of the Great Omnipotent Creative Word, you begin to draw down into thy physical conditions of life the Perfection of God and it is His Will that we do so. This is the Only way throughout creation that God can have His Perfection established - by the conscious directing Intelligences of His Individualizations throughout creation. You and I are exactly that within the earth at this locale of creation and we hold the power and prerogative, the authority and right, the ability and intelligence to invite His Perfection and Invoke His Glory to enter the Kingdoms of the earth.

God's Will is Perfection - Love, Harmony, Order, Healing, and Happiness for all beings everywhere. You are the outermost part of that deeper fuller Selfhood that can make the invitation to God - for He will not interfere unless invited to do so - for that is His way of great generosity and graciousness. Call unto the God Self which is Omnipresent and which is also individualized as thy own Oversoul Presence above thee and which extends Itself into thy human arena through Its continual outpouring of Its Perfection to us. Then, when that Perfect Vibratory outpouring comes and touches our human field of receptivity, if your field if clean, pure, and clear, it can come through into the octave wherein ye dwell physically and it can expand and establish its glory and perfection. It is thy command through the Seven Eyes of Attainment that gives God Himself the capability to expand His Perfection, changing all energies and vibrations within the earth unto His Will being done. In this way, we command all substance and energies to obey our decree to do God's Will
 which is to anchor and establish His Perfection. Our Self-conscious effort is required in order to open the door for the Intelligence of the great I AM to release its perfect manifestation.

The discourse above is directly inspired by Godfrey Ray King and Saint Germain in the ministry that was brought forth in the 1930's. I AM recommending to each of you to purchase, at least, one great book, the "I AM" Discourses Volume 3 by Godfrey Ray King and Lotus Ray King. These are part of the Sacred Discourses given to them by Saint Germain in 1935.

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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