Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thy Oversoul Presence

So, we are extended here from a higher vantage point of Self, a larger greater self that you might call your Oversoul. This Oversoul extends itself into the earthly surroundings that you find yourself within. You are that Oversoul and You are all the personalities that are being expressed by you. This Higher Selfhood, as you, is being extended here and also in several other points of time within the earth and even elsewhere. You are Vast, Intelligent, Creative, and a god in training; always being trained and guided by others who may be more advanced and more greatly adept at this business of godhood.

So perceive that you are this Individualization of the Supreme God of creation...the Cosmic Christ, Brahman, Atman...the great I it whatever you may. You are God Individualized and expressing through the Stream of life that you extend into the many simultaneous personalities which are as waves of thy personal expression that you are using, growing, directing in the adventure of time and space.

All at once you hold several aspects of thyself within the various timelines of the Earth and elsewhere all connected to this higher Oversoul Expression of thyself. Some Oversouls are much more advanced than other Oversouls, some have their origins within the earth planet or other planets if you are visiting earth at this time. And still other Oversouls have origins completely elsewhere. Yet each Oversoul and all thy aspects of expression are of the Supreme One God...experimenting, learning mastery of thy life energy and vibration, creating with thought, feeling, spoken word, and action whatever so you dream to create, and which is within the climate of thy divine plan and intention for that aspect of thyself.

In the lower octaves time and space allow for things to unfold more slowly, so you do have a chance to change your thoughts and feelings before manifestation occurs for you which is good when being trained in this creative powerful mastery of thy godhood potentials.

You are the Ocean of God the Supreme Being, the Oversoul and Its Individualized Stream of His Glory, and you are these Personality Waves - people - that are anchored within the climates of various environments within the timelines of Earth and often elsewhere, building consciousness of your creative power and responsibilities and mastering the power of thy sonship and daughtership with the Eternal One God and His expression as You.

Michael of Nebadon

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