Monday, March 4, 2013

Thine Oversoul is God the Supreme

Contemplate the Stream of Everlasting Life flowing through you in each and every moment; the animating power and intelligence comes from the Source and Center and is given into the safe-keeping of thy Oversoul Presence - God the Supreme Essence - which is your most direct link to All That Is. Thy Oversoul is the Omnipresent Supreme of Creation intensely concentrated, personalized, and individualized and extended into many locations within this local universe dependent upon how advanced we are. Some Oversouls . . . Presences of the all-pervading I AM Principle or Supreme Principle . . . can express a thousand personalities at the same time in various locales. Others are focused on just a few focused into the Earth until a later time when they are given the power and ability...the consciousness to reach out further into the universe.

The initiation unto Eternity is the Eternal Embrace which quickens daily thy energy field vibration higher and higher, establishing the Immortal indestructible Substance of Light throughout thy field of expression. Little by little you discharge the lower vibrating material substance and replace it with or re-weave it with the higher vibrating Light substance of your own Oversoul Presence. So, you are serving humanity through thy enhanced radiation of your personal field. Everywhere you may go you are extending the higher frequencies of pure light that you embody unto all others in your locale of creation. Some of you in Germany or Spain, Russia or the United States, Denmark or Australia - you are each serving by working each day to prepare thyself to receive the greater frequencies of the I AM; preparing thyself through the fulfillment of the Law of Existence and the Three R's of Transmutation . . . transfiguring thy darkness into this One Universal Light Substance directly from the Inheritance of your own Supreme Oversoul Presence...

Invoke thy Oversoul through worship and invocation and contemplation of this stream of Life. Invite the Intelligence, Energy, and Immortal Substance to come into be drawn down to you and to establish Its Glory and Perfection in your field of receptivity . . . your human imperfect mortal field of energy and consciousness - the instruments of physical, mental, etheric, and emotional bodies - become transfigured over time and space while walking upon the earth in a body of flesh; the gradual precipitation or manifestation of the immortal and perfecting Body of Light. Hence, day by day thy mortal shall put on immortality as you stand in truth, love, and the actualization of God for all to partake of in thy Radiation. Drink of His Nectar and Elixir of Love and Light in your daily fulfillment of the Seven Eyes of Attainment.

Daily . . . Consciously Command with intense devotion, conscious breathing, and pure adoration this Great I AM Substance from your own Supreme God Presence to be drawn down into you and illuminating through you unto all others, through this Invitation Decree: 

"I AM Crystal White Fire thy Indestructible Luminous Body of Light I AM. 

Sacrifice the lower nature and identity, Surrender your 'reasoning mind' which may justify and rationalize, blame and deny, judge and project thy darkness onto others and outer circumstances. You and you alone have created all things that you will experience in life. The Law does not allow others to create for us our life circumstances. We draw all things to ourselves. All conflicts, all addictions, all joy and blessings, all challenging environments and relationships, and all gifts and gains in life are the unfolding of certain causes that had been set into creation within us. These causes are accumulated and build momentum until finally they are precipitated into visible manifest form. Yet, the erroneous destructive causes and their potential effects will be erased permanently by the Mercy Flame...this Violet colored Flame of Mercy, Forgiveness, and Compassion annihilates the causes of density and darkness before they even have a chance to show up in your world of appearance. Cause and Effect is wiped eternally clean and replaced with the divine Love of your Oversoul - the Great I AM.

Through Selflessness and Service in giving thyself to this fulfillment of the Law, you walk ever free in God's Compassion and Grace.

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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