Friday, March 15, 2013

The Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment Demonstrated for Your Sovereignty

INVOCATION: "Indwelling Flame of God I AM, Enfolding Interdimensional ChristStream I AM, Electronic Presence Oversoul Supreme I AM, Expand thy Power and Perfection. Establish thy Spiritual Dominion over my energy field and personal consciousness, raising all unto thy Universal Harmony and Order.

"Thou Persons of the Paradise Trinity of all Existence. Thou Source of my Life and Creator of My existence as an Individualization of the Supreme. I worship and honor thee. I desire to bring forth thy Pattern of Paradise and for you to establish thy Vibratory Perfection in and through my personal field and the greater field of receptivity within each of the kingdoms of the Earth..."

INSTRUCTION: I AM studying and learning of the Paradise Trinity Endowment, the personality Circuits and networks of the Trinity Source; the daily application of the Descent of the Cosmic Creative Fire of Love into my field of receptivity, and the other Precepts to bring me to a living state of Sovereignty over all my energy and vibration.

IDENTIFICATION: I Perceive the One and Only Power and Presence everywhere, as everything, and as everyone. I begin to perceive this through the very animating power in me that I AM. I breathe deeply and slow down my mental and emotional natures. Breathe deeply and perceive the animator underneath all the outer self agenda that operates within the past and the future. Blend your inquiry with identification by asking thyself, "Who is breathing me? It is the great I AM breathing me here. Recognize that I AM this One Power and Perfection expressing through this form and all forms animate and inanimate. I AM the One Principle, the "I AM", omnipresent throughout creation, awakening to my inheritance as a son and daughter of the One Source and Center.

INQUIRY: I AM walking within the Royal Road of Sovereignty, actualizing each day my godhood potentials and divine virtues. I AM building my character and a mind ready to receive my own divine power and presence while creating the inner discernment to perceive the difference between the temporal and the eternal, the false and the truth. I AM understanding that if the darkness in me be truly light, then how great is that darkness when I transfigure it back into light through this Royal Road of Sovereignty.

I AM applying the Divine Mirror of the Three R's in RECOGNIZING the imperfect energies when they are arising in me and when they are stimulated into my awareness through my negative reactions to outer persons and circumstantial events; I AM RE-CAPTURING my exteriorized power and personal energies as they return to me for redemption and renewal. I am understanding this is the full and complete atonement of all lifetimes. This is my true salvation by changing all density back into light and love; that nothing whatsoever can come to me but that I AM vibrating within my field to those persons, qualities,and events.

I AM RELEASING the phantom self and world of appearances as being the cause of the imperfection while taking accounting for my creative substance that only I set into motion; I AM letting go of blame and shame, denial, justifications, and excuses of irresponsibility for my creative power, rationalizing and projecting onto the outer people and circumstances. I AM owning my Creative Power and Intelligence as a Self-Directive Intelligence, an Individualization of the all-pervading Supreme Being through the ChristStream of my own Oversoul Presence.

I AM REGENERATING AND REDEEMING this imperfection back into Its Original Purity and Pristine Perfection of the One God Force - the Great I AM Principle, RETURNING all my person Divine Energy and Substance that I have ever used and which was loaned to me eons ago by my Oversoul Supreme and the Greater I AM Creative Source and Center. I call upon the Activity of the Sacred Fire...the Cosmic Fire of Creation... to come forth and transfigure my imperfections within my field of receptivity.

INVISION: I Perceive and Invision this Luminous Indestructible Life Force, this One Light, and this Omnipotent Love Radiating through my field of receptivity, quickening all human imperfect substance unto thy Perfection and Glory.

IMPREGNATION: I receive this One Power and Presence, this One will and Intention for Harmony and Order that I AM, in me, through me, for me, by me, and as me.

INVITATION: "I AM Pure Violet Fire Mercy Flame Radiant Body of Light Supreme."; I AM Crystal White Fire Resurrection Flame."; "I AM Cosmic ChristStream Luminous Electronic Perfection." (These are just three of the many invitational decrees that aspirants can apply each day.)

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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