Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Royal Road of Sovereignty

Our association brings each one into conscious fellowship and eternal association with My personal Spirit - the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter. Give time and energy each day towards building that sacred bridge between yourself here in the garment of flesh and the indwelling Flame of God and His Stream of Life. Ask for that ChristStream to expand its Vibratory Perfection throughout thy field of receptivity. Calling upon and inviting the Omnipotent Force of Cosmic Love into thy life and field will bring the fruits of many of the divine attributes, building thy character and strength, and honoring God by purifying His energy unto Pure Light and Life.

Thus, the Paradise Trinity Endowment is the Royal Road of Sovereignty for the individualized soul personality in its personal actualization. It is the final spirit endowment bestowed upon a planetary race designed to aid in the ascending search for God the Father.

The Eternal Embrace of immortality is the original divine way to attain the glory of God himself within thy individualized domain while still in the body of flesh. The Paradise Trinity Endowment is thy illuminated highway which immediately unveils personal immortality through the marriage of Spirit and Soul personality; thy Field of Receptivity becomes quickened, shedding its density and darkness and becoming raised into eternal partnership with God dwelling within thy heart. Ultimately and over the course of eons of time and space, ye shall stand in the very Presence and Person of the Spirit, the Son, and the Father.

The Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment is thy way to apply each day these originating precepts to approach and attain the expansion of the Living Flame of the Paradise God. The Paradise Trinity Endowment is the Divine Personality Circuits and the Highways of Illumination for all to follow. This is thy Divine Network to travel inward upon unto the heights of the greater octaves of Life.

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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