Monday, March 4, 2013

Create According to the Pattern of Paradise

Thy body, mind, etheric, and emotions are like a tapestry. They are a combination of energetic threads, and the threads are made of the very life force itself. Like a material tapestry which is composed of thread and thereby cotton, this cotton is the underlying substance and fabric of a tapestry, yes? This living tapestry of thy energy field is made of the substance of light or God's body, and ye weave this tapestry each day with thoughts, feelings, the spoken word and actions. So, this weaving of thy field is thy doing, thy accounting. You are each accountable for every thread ever woven by you to make up thy tapestry of thy field of life…thy consciousness. The underlying fundamental basis of this tapestry is God…His minute particles or electrons that obey directive intelligence…free will intelligence coagulate together in certain ratios or numbers of electrons according to our thoughts, and they are vibrating to a certain rate or speed revolving around each atomic nucleus according to our feelings. Thus, we generate through thought and feeling the movement of electrons which are the tiny particle of the Great I AM, and these electrons form atoms which then combine to form the energies that fill our field of receptivity and outpicture into the manifest world. You are given the right and the power and authority to qualify this God Force Substance any which we ye choose to through the living creative instruments of thought, feeling, spoken word and action. To create and set into motion something more permanent, Love is necessary as the discriminating directing Intelligence. That Love is the Higher Self or the Higher Mind of the Christ which enfolds each person and this Christ is a direct extension of the Oversoul. It is this Cosmic Christhood that we resurrect into at the time of that fulfillment.

Hence, everything in thy field or living tapestry is of God, the stream of electronic light given by God above in the form of thy Oversoul presence. And this comes directly from the Great Central Sun . . . the very Godhead . . . the three Persons of Paradise Itself, as it is the Creative Source and Center who infinitely and eternally can manufacture this unending supply of God Light Substance, and extend this Body of Himself into His creation.

Thy Oversoul is the highest point of divinity that you are. In that highest Presence of thyself exists His Pure Individualization. This Lifestream substance is Life Itself which is malleable and allows Itself to become precipitated into form of all kinds. We are each given this Life Force Substance to make use of any way we desire with the intention by God Himself that each Individualization create harmony and order and in gratitude, expand His perfection and give all Glory unto Him, all recognition that it is His Energy Substance that you are made of and that you are using to create with in every moment. That is the way to greater life more abundant. Create as God intends and you become raised into His glory and honor, His Power and Perfection. Create in thy own name and you reap having to transfigure at a later point in time the imperfection. Only God is Perfection. Only His creations are Perfect.

Thy LIVING Tapestry has emerged from God like threads from cotton. Thy instruments of creative expression are powers given as a gift of life to you and I. We weave the threads of the field as per our liking. Yet, it is wisdom to weave thy thread and create thy tapestry according to what God likes; for He is the very Source and Center of your personhood, your spirit, your substance of life.  He is the animating power and intelligence . . . the only Power and Intelligence that can act, and so, why not give thy adoration and gratitude unto Him with thy attentive focus and thought feeling instruments. Contemplate and worship His Perfection and ye shall become just as He Is. That is His desire for you because you are each His Individualization, so that is His desire for Himself; to precipitate and to outpicture His Perfection and Glory, His Harmony and Order; to expand His Grace throughout the Body of Himself and His creation.  What is important is what God likes.

There can be changes in the body and the mind and it is the plan of heaven that each lifestream soul raise their soul instruments into a unified frequency with Him…His all-pervading Presence. His Omnipresence. Love is the only way. Not human love and emotion, but the cosmic Power of Love which is His Omnipotence in action. Mercy is His Omnipotence made manifest for all of creation to experience, to partake of, to receive, and to heal all errors of their past mistakes. Love is changeless. It is permanent. Everything has birth and death but there is no birth or death for love. So amalgamate thyself to Love and become free and eternal…immortal. Love is birthless and deathless only, so you must become as Love.  It comes from truth. Truth is one and everywhere. Truth is the fundamental current or stream of existence. It is the basis of all life. Truth is God because Truth changes not. God changes not. You as a human mortal being change. You are under the law of change if you allow yourself to be. But you can rise up and place thyself and thy existence under the law of the changeless One. That is called grace and mercy.

Paradise Father unfolds Himself as the Eternal Son of Paradise and the Infinite Spirit of Paradise. The Son is Mercy which is Love made evident. It is the revelation of the Father of Creation…His nature, His way, His character and essence – mercy. God in the form of love is present everywhere, wherever you see. There is no Greater God than Love. God is manifest within the breath of man. When you breathe, where does the breath come from? It comes from the animating power and intelligence within you. The breath itself is this God force of creation coming into you from thy Oversoul. And thy Oversoul is a living manifestation of God…the Godhead. So, what is the form of God you may wonder? It is present in man in the form of the Great I AM. This is thy identity and nature…the Great I AM which is omnipresent and individualized.  This alone reveals man’s divine identity.  You may think and feel and embrace, “I AM that I AM.”  That refers to God thou art. So, God is present in man in the form of love. Therefore, man should treasure love in his heart safely and secure for himself this Love and Mercy. 

Embodiments of Love and Mercy through this Great I AM presence anchored within thy heart, extending from thy Oversoul…the Supreme I AM of thyself through all thy lower human instruments. Thoughts come and go; senses flip from pain to pleasure like passing clouds. Only His mercy and His love is the link to become permanent and eternal. You should perform every task with love. Invoke and invite His Love and ye shall become ever fuller in happiness and harmony. Ye shall become ever free.

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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