Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Inner Temple of Sovereignty

In a certain way there are two selves within each person; the outer human self and the Inner Self which is eternal, sovereign, and retains all the eternal values and attitudes that the outer self eventually must absorb and embody. These are necessary developments that allow evolution to occur for each and every personality soul. The Universe Mother nurtures and develops these attributes and values within the minds of all creatures who are evolving upward into greater light and life and love.

As an aspirant of truth you can ask our Universe Mother to work with you and for these qualities and values to become more developed in you so that you have the necessary attributes to seek God and find Him within, initially, this Inner Temple of Sovereignty. We must together work to strengthen, protect, and expand all that is constructive within an individual. Only Love can produce manifestation. I am with you and amongst thee to help you understand the Powers of Life, creative powers, that are naturally within you...within that Inner Temple of Sovereignty that must be brought forth into outer use. This Inner Temple is, of course, the flame of God which connects you to the Stream of thyself which enters the world, and is anchored in your heart, and which comes directly from thy Oversoul presence; it is given to thy Oversoul by the Trinity Source and Center of all Life and all Oversouls. Thy Oversoul is a manifestation, a personalization, an individualization of the Supreme God of creation...the Infinite One God force expands Himself as the Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit, and the Supreme Being in time and space creation. He administers to the creation through His expansions of Himself in the Paradise Sons and Daughters who work to reveal His loving nature and His way for all - the Pattern of Paradise - which must be brought forth in each Individualization of Himself.

Acknowledge the God Force which animates thee in every moment. Honor and protect His Body which comes to us here in the flesh garment through our ChristStream Energies. Focus thy attention and thought feeling natures upon the constructive such as peace, harmony, abundance, joy. Life is always desirous of expanding its Power of Precipitation/Manifestation; and it desires to do this by expanding harmony and happiness in the human experience. That would be expanding His Perfection and the Pattern of Paradise within thyself and all around you in your life circumstances and environments. It begins with purifying into harmony and order your emotional body.

Ask for the Violet Flame of Mercy and Forgiveness to come into thy field from your own Oversoul ChristStream and allow this Perfection from above to wash away the destructive rates of vibration in you; as you do this ye are securing for thyself a life more abundant in every way. Invision this ChristStream...this Electronic Stream of Life beaming through your energy field of receptivity, raising all substance within those fields, drawing down into physical life conditions this Cosmic Fire of Creation...the Sacred Fire of the Immortal Host of Heaven and the Great White Brotherhood for this planetary evolution.

Remember to call upon Me in the Person of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter and I shall come into thy space. I and the Holy Spirit of the Mother Spirit are dedicated to thy living unfoldment as a fuller Sun Presence - a living son or daughter of the Eternal Father Source. Ask to have developed in you ever further the divine virtues of the Mother through Her Spirit Associates of Wisdom, Worship, Counsel, Knowledge, Courage, Understanding, Intuition (Spiritual Insight and Divine Perception).

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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