Friday, March 29, 2013

Service unto thy Humanity

Blessed Aspirants and Sons and Daughters of the Universal Father of us all,

So as you apply the Seven Eyes of invocation...and the invitation/decrees...this is the descent of the cosmic creative fire into thy field, as you know...and many of you are becoming quite mastered with these precepts given to Me from the Father of all Light.

To receive the most out of want to couple the invitations with impregnation which is receiving through thy deep breathing into your heart and field this primordial fire...this primordial sacred fire of the violet or white flames from the immortal host through your Oversoul are poured through your ChristStream and down into you here in the physical octave.

Breathing deeply and perceiving/imagining the flame of pure white or violet saturating your field...seeing this is invisioning thyself as a Sun Presence radiating this fire though your field, and breathing is impregnation...coupling this with the three others of identification with the flame right within you animating you, invocation adoring and praising the Source of us all, and invitation which is magnetizing His Omnipotence...His Fire of Love and Mercy.

These are ancient precepts that I share with you on Magnifying the Lord God who is animating you, Magnetizing His Fire of Love into thy field by allowing Him to expand His Glory, and Manifesting the Christ Frequencies and Consciousness for thyself. Day by day you will be quickening thyself higher and higher.

REGARDING SERVICE: And when you are in public and with others, I would ask you to be of service by taking a moment to breathe into thy field the fire pouring through thy heart which is coming down to you, invisioning thyself as a Sun Presence powerfully radiating His light unto the atmosphere you are in to reach others, and inviting or decreeing the Sacred Fire to come in through you to touch others...all this service to be accomplished without ever saying one word about it...for after all it is through selfless service that you will be greatly rewarded.

Thus you fulfill the code of honor to accomplish His will of expanding Perfection and being absolutely silent about it. It is always my preference to be unnoticed and yet in service radiation to the Body of humanity that I AM.

One example of an Invitation Decree that I AM suggesting you begin practicing:
“I AM Pure Diamond Shining Crystal White Fire, Radiating Body of Immortal Light”

You are each blessed by God in being able to receive His glory and wisdom...The Seven Eyes of Attainment allow one to fulfill His Law by Self-Consciously directing thy Intelligence towards using your thought, feeling, spoken word, and action in great service to expanding His Presence and Perfection throughout the creation which is His Body, and the Body of Life I AM. And you accomplish this great feat right at the location wherein you find thyself in societal life.

I love you each as My Body and Life Blood...more than My words can express. I AM thus, due to your receptivity of Me, I AM able to give to you such a magnificent radiation of Primordial Fire Love in your dream time at night, if you invite Me in, and before drifting off at night, to call for My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter and the Holy Spirit Presence of the Universe Mother Spirit who is all-pervading and must be invited into thy life and world in order to drink of Her Glory.

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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