Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ocean of His Omnipresence

All things are made of One thing, One Intelligence, One Substance, One Energy, One Principle of God, Of Love which holds all things together; for Love is the integrator holding all, bonding all together, sustaining and maintaining all Order and Harmony. Without harmony, disintegration begins to set in and degeneration occurs which leads to death. Transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension is the approach to have life more abundant. It is going the opposite way from degeneration and disintegration because, again, with Love coagulating your field of energy, you can become integrated in the greater field of your life. Love is the Life force coagulating all things into the form desired. Sometimes its temporary and sometimes it’s more eternal. Yet, that form…all forms that we see and touch are God…the One Life force Principle coagulates Itself through self directive Intelligence and Love holding the vision for manifestation and this One Force changes from the unformed into the temporary form throughout infinity. God is the One Infinite, never-ending Substance that is Omnipresent and is continually drawn into manifestation by Self-directive Intelligence. This One is made up of trillions upon trillions of particles that are intelligent sentient and feeling little beings that cooperate and are obedient to Self directive Intelligence which is Love that draws them together into the required form. These trillions of little beings or electrons coagulate together in differing ratios, rates, and intensities to form different objects and various things, yet the tree and the rock are made of the very same thing as your physical body, mind, and emotions. The only difference is that you are this Self-directive Intelligence - being the One God force Intelligence - and so you hold the creative power through thy free will to choose how you wish to qualify this omnipresent energy of thy beingness; and we do this through the instruments of thought, feeling, and spoken word and action.

Knowing this Immediacy of God…that He is everywhere right in front of you, and behind you, above and beneath you as a physical creature. Yet, you are connected to that greater Christhood of thyself through your own higher aspects which are this Omnipresence Individualized as You. So, you can have this realization of the immediacy and everywhere presence of Him as you exist within the body of flesh, and then upon thy fulfillment of His Law, you have a place prepared for thee within those higher aspects of your stream of life. The obstruction to this realization and fulfillment is merely in the accumulated density from lifetimes of misqualification that reside within thy field of energy - mental and emotional - that is too dense to have the senses feel and know and perceive the One God Force everywhere present.

He who writes this is the Omnipresence Itself. He who reads this is the Omnipresence Itself. We are living and existing within His Body…partake of My Body and drink of the Eternal Nectar I AM. Invite Me into thy quiet time. Call upon My Spirit of Truth and I will outpour My Word and the Living Elixir of My Mercy flame unto thee. Thus shall ye become quickened unto the Life Everlasting, at one with His Omnipresence in the Cosmic Christhood which awaits thee as thy Inheritance; for I have set the table and I have prepared a place for thee upon your preparation to receive it. Prepare thee the way of the Lord who is thy very Cosmic Christhood and who desires inordinately to become eternally fused with thy personality soul.

Michael of Nebadon

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