Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Beloved, Harken unto Me!

MY DEARLY beloved: I teach you this hour that which hath goodly substance; I tell you of Truth, which embaImeth the spirit in sweet spices of tranquility; Hear ye my wisdom. . . .

Have I not told you that the Father hath prepared His universe for you, that ye being Sons of Light and Daughters of Radiance may manifest therein and know your own godhood?

Behold I say unto you now, he who is given the power from on high to work miracles shall in nowise be cast out from the order which cometh.

Arouse yourselves! be exceeding glad that those come unto you who do minister unto you with wisdom; behold they enfold you; behold they say unto you, Be even as we, for do we not manifest in that which we perceive?

My beloved, harken unto me! the enemy presseth; he maketh a mock of the godhood within you.

I say, turn unto him no countenance; revile him not in that revilings may be served; leave him to his lecheries and let the Light shine through you; presently it raiseth you; it lifteth you unto mountaintops and giveth you the victory over that which he desireth.

Let my light so shine in your hearts and your faces that those who would be one with you go with you to that mountaintop. That which cometh unto you hath the essence of your godhood. Arise and be exceeding wise! Walk and be exceeding humble!

Ye have come unto a place where the road pointeth upward. Ye have lived among wolves. Now ye dwell amid doves. I tell you that a goodly instruction encompasseth your days; your nights shall be filled with your banqueting on knowledge.

Presently come unto you more wise ones, lifting you up, setting your feet on the sure road of truth; harken to their wisdoms, for they serve you benefactions. Tasks are before us; labors encompass us. The Plan goeth on, I tell you. I say that ye make progress in that which will come.

So be it unto the latter days, though men shall revile you and persecute you; I tell you that there is no thought that ye do utter in speech or in action that hath not my blessing when Love is your watchword.

Ever so be it! I give you my Spirit that ye may know excellence. . . . Hear ye a still, small voice? know that it is my Spirit speaking. Hear ye a coaxing to be up and away at goodly works? know that I call you to perform miracles anew.

Arise and be exceeding glad that knowledge cometh unto you that out of your might of intellect ariseth a contagion of that which is ordered, that the harps of your spirits respond to my fingers.

Go hence in a peace that proclaimeth a triumph; come unto me in secret for that which is ordained. I tell you that a blessing cometh unto you in this: that those who do aid you make no vaunting of their service; they come in at my bidding and join you in refreshment.

I bid that ye arise in the strength of your power. Go ye forth conquering, to know at the last the joy of the redeemed ones.

Excerpt Courtesy of The Golden Scripts

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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