Friday, March 15, 2013

I Offer thee Life more Abundant

Sovrnty Temple and Retreat is the Royal Road of Attainment which teaches the originating precepts of the Paradise Trinity Endowment. Studying as an aspirant with Michael of Nebadon and the Universe Mother Spirit at Sovrnty Temple and Retreat gives you back to yourself . . . thy goodness, truth, and beauty . . . thy true Godhood.

Sovereignty is full vibrational mastery over all your personal energy and vibration for all lifetimes in your exploration and education of these octaves of progressive evolutionary unfoldment. Sovereignty is thy Birthright, thy Inheritance, and thy Destiny. It is the illuminated highway in the progressive attainment of the fullness of God Himself.  The Eternal Embrace of immortality is the original divine way to attain the glory of God himself within thy individualized domain and sphere of influence while still in the body of mortal flesh; at Sovrnty and with the guidance of Michael you will be learning the science of purifying and raising thy field of receptivity. Through the quickening of this garment of flesh unto the seamless garment of eternal life you will be securing and establishing thyself within the octaves of pure love and light instead of cycling back between the higher levels within the octaves of the Earth each lifetime after experiencing degeneration, disease, and death, you become gently and powerfully quickened each day as you give you devotion and dedication to your own God Force Presence. Your adoration, acknowledgment, and acceptance of the Father’s Flame within thy heart and field allows you to become eternally unified and fused with Him; and that begins the journey out from the womb of the Mother Earth whereby you become birthed into our local universe from these spawning grounds of soul maturation and development; raised into the individualized Presence of the glory of God. 

Sovrnty and its teachings of Paradise Trinity Endowment is thy illuminated highway which unveils for you, personal immortality, through the marriage of Spirit and Soul personality; thy mortal Field of Receptivity becomes quickened each day, shedding its imperfections, density, and darkness; becoming developed and matured into eternal partnership with God who dwells within thy heart. This is the progressive evolutionary attainment which ultimately and over the course of eons of time and space beyond the birth from the Earth, gives you the right and ability, the opportunity and gift of standing in the very Presence and Person of the Spirit, the Son, and the Father of Existence.

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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