Friday, March 22, 2013

Force Triumphant

REMEMBER this always: The unleashing of this force within you is a mighty torrent; it is molecular energy of a speed and a variation encompassed by no human brain in concept; it is Force Triumphant, striking him dead who hath not the power to use it aright.

Verily it hath struck many dead, and continents now lie buried beneath the waters of seas in that it was mischievously unleashed.

Taking thought unto this force presenteth it with power; dwelling upon the divine spark within you, presenteth it with brilliance;  It gloweth like a coal and pulseth like a ruby; it saith unto you, Behold I am here, use me at your behest.

Presently it climbeth mountains, terrific of endurance, seizing the physical frame and vitalizing it unto such glory that verily it shineth as a beacon in a darkness.

Have the prophets not done this? was it not manifested by the saints of old? verily, my beloved, men know this not until they encompass it. Presently the flame breaketh forth with great brilliance, energizing and quickening all that is about it.

The day cometh when the flame hath power to transcend the body and in that day the need of mortal endurance is at an end for the human spirit; lo, the flame manifesteth as it pleaseth, for it feedeth upon itself as though fuel cometh to it.

Ye do feed this flame by giving thought until the body ceaseth to hold it and ye do shine forth for that which ye are, Sons of Light indeed! For verily ye are the light, verily fanned unto crystalline brilliance. Give heed unto my counsel; dwell upon that in which I instruct you; take heed unto yourselves and bring to fruition the knowledge of your spark, that it is within you.

Segregate it, I tell you, within the atoms of your being, awaiting its calling forth, demanding its hour of omnipotence.

Love is your shibboleth by which the process behaveth. Verily I tell you, great love for all things, sensate and insensate, organic and inorganic, alive or non-alive, worketh upon you in this way, that ye do endow such essences with the cosmic force that is your own entity, and the essences feel your presence and create for you a field of force, within which ye manifest.

Thus ye may love a table or a chair, and verily I say it shall love you in return. Harmony is established between the essences, that is quickened by your separation.

Have ye not talked with one another saying, This thing which I own is magnetized by my vibrations? What meaneth your speaking, that the thing is magnetized, except the love vibrations of which I tell you? I would have you delimit yourselves from the present, practicing Thought in the cores of your beings, giving yourselves opportunities for such delimitations as it pleaseth you, thereafter remarking upon the manifestations.

Give ye no thought as yet unto trivialities of substance; give every thought to recognition of the spark; fan it into flame by conscious thought when ye have found it and await demonstration of it practically as I, your teacher, instruct you in flesh. . . . 

excerpt courtesy of the Golden Scripts

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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