Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ChristStream Intelligence and Love . . . Come Forth!

With full determination, confident expectation, and sincere desire to serve life by raising the kingdoms of the Earth unto fuller Glory, give thy determined effort and energies towards the fulfillment of the Law of Existence and the Descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation in working to become Whole. Command the Cosmic Fire of Creation which is God's Omnipotent Force of Love and Mercy through the Immortal Host of Heaven to come forth into thy Field of Receptivity, quickening thy field higher and higher, and bringing this Fire of Love into and throughout the Earth.

The Seven Eyes of Attainment: invocation-instruction-identification-inquiry-invision-impregnation-invitation.

Paradise Trinity Endowment: Become familiar with the Circuits of the Trinity Persons and their divine highway unto full Illumination. These Seven Networks are intended to blaze through you and bring all imperfections and limitations unto the Eternal Glory of God. It is thy Inheritance and thy destiny to master thy energy Field of Receptivity in this way; for the Great I AM principle which flows through us in every moment is the Living Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Invitation: "I AM Luminous and Fiery ChristStream of Pure Love, Indestructible and Immortal Purity."

Unleash thy full confidence and pent up feeling for greater freedom for thyself and for all humanity. Think and feel of those who are in great struggle. With thy all-powerful determination and devotion, invite Him into thy city and nation.

Receive His Majestic Presence of Eternal Love upon thy faith-filled command; for the Conscious Command must be invoked from the octave desiring His greater fulfillment; and fulfillment can only come through Purity and right desire for God and Him alone . . . as He is all things everywhere, in everything, and as everyone.

Perceive that you are a beam of thy own ChristStream Energies directly from your own Oversoul Presence which is continually and always pouring forth into the 'Wave' or Field of thy personality soul. 

Ask and command in Love for the personal wave of you here in the flesh to become raised unto the Stream and the Ocean of You exists individualized as that Oversoul. The Ocean of the Supreme individualized, receiving the Pure Life force from the Father in Paradise and then distributing that Force to all of Its waves through thy interdimensional ChristStream until it arrives in every second of every moment right here with you animating you and giving you the Intelligence and power to do all things...so you give thy thanks by focusing back upon that Stream and Oversoul of thyself placing the beam of thy attention upon that animating Stream of Cosmic Christ that you are and giving all allegiance and loyalty to thy Oversoul. Inviting further for that Stream to inundate you with Its Purity and Perfect vibratory Substance a you command the Flame of Itself which is anchored in thy heart zone to expand and establish its dominion and perfection throughout thy field...

That is the action of God Law through thy Individualization and it requires your free will choice and cooperation to expand Perfection and complete all lifetimes of exploration and evolution within the garments of flesh. 

Thus, the Seven Eyes are your personal application and the Paradise Trinity Endowment is thy Network or Circuit of Attainment and Relationship with the One God Force allowing you to actualize immortality and enter the octaves of eternity. It is merely the very next stage of human evolutionary growth and maturation.

Thus, believe in the words that I speak unto thee, for it is Life Everlasting. Honor the One God Force by redeeming His Electronic Light Substance within thy field of receptivity...thy field of Life and consciousness. Quicken thy rates of vibration within that field of life. Quicken all thy energies, all Intelligence, all Electrons.

For as I have shared with you henceforth, ye are accountable for every single jot and tittle...every single electron that you have ever used to co-create thy existence with...ye must return unto pure light and life.

Michael of Nebadon

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