Sunday, March 3, 2013

Be Ye Perfect, Even as I AM

"Be Ye Perfect, Even as I AM" - this is the great One edict from the Almighty Center and Source of all Life. Our work together is geared and focused upon helping you fulfill this One Edict from the Paradise Father.

Now for our discourse . . .

He who passes through death has failed to master his own energy and vibration; for have I not said unto thee, all ye who have ears to hear and eyes to see or a mind to perceive . . . he who believes in my words shall never taste death, but shall become raised up daily through their own fulfillment of the Law of Existence bringing balance and harmony to all lifetimes of creating; all misqualified energies that are still vibrating to imperfection and destructive impulses  must be brought into the refining Fire of God...the Great I AM which is Love and Mercy in action.

Devote all thy attention and energies with full confident determination and expectation towards adoring and recognizing the God Force Presence of thyself above you and anchored at the heart. This Stream of Life and its attendant personality expression of four lower bodies is thy Soul connected to thy Oversoul - the highest point of thy individualization of the Supreme God thou art. Give all unto this greater Aspect of thyself and build an energetic bridge unto thy freedom and immortality.

The Seven Eyes (I's) of Attainment is the approach that I have used for my own transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension in past times. It is the only way to come and go from these lowest of octaves wherein the density of the atomic structure has caused the slowing down of vibration into disintegration, while you must raise thyself by inviting the refining fire of Mercy Flame so that you build integration...the quickening action of your atomic structure that raises itself closer each day unto thy higher body of Light - pure Cosmic Christ Light.

Integration can only occur for you through inviting the Infinite Love and Mercy Flame also known as the Violet Flame of Mercy and Forgiveness. You become raised up after fulfilling the imbalances that exist as density within thy soul energies or life field or field of receptivity or lifestream. You transfigure the density that has accumulated with momentum over all thy lifetimes while in this very body of flesh, and that allows one to transcend death and bring an end or a completion to their cycles of reincarnation - birth and death. Then, when this lifetime is finished you are prepared to resurrect into the higher body of light. At that point in this threefold initiation, you merely complete the process by ascending back into the full Electronic Body, that is, God the Cosmic Christ Supreme, the Omnipresent One of all creation, which is Individualized and Personalized as YOU in the eternal octaves well beyond the Earth. This initiation has thus prepared you for the greater expression and service in doing the Will of God in creation. You then join Me in my own responsibilities and efforts to raise up this local universe at some future point in time and space while continuing to build your personal Individualization of the Supreme God thou art.

Remember each day to apply the Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment - invocation, instruction, identification, inquiry, invision, impregnation, invitation - using your journal writing and the Embracing Eternity Exercises booklet to bring forth the recalcitrant, hidden, misqualified and imperfect energies that have accumulated within thy field from every and all lifetimes of expression, and then commanding this imperfection into the fire of Mercy Flame through the Three R's.

Daily Fulfilling of the Law of Existence with the Flame of Mercy Forgiveness and Compassion

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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