Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Seven Eyes of Eternity

For each to experience the Self actualized experience of the non-dual states of mind and heart and to powerfully raise thy field of receptivity unto the higher vibrations vibrating closer each day unto pure life, we must transfigure the density within our personal field back into purity and light. 

Each soul personality carries within their field of receptivity lifetimes of density and lower vibrating energies which must one day in the future become re-established in the eternal light from whence it came.

The teachings of Paradise Trinity Endowment are meant to establish each personality soul within their own eternal unfoldment; the awakening to the seamless garment of life everlasting, and along the way you steadily become a lord of the Flame of thy own divine Selfhood. This is the Sixfold Approach in understanding the knowledge given from the Trinity Source to humanity through the Sons of Paradise and the Order of Michael  who reveal and illuminate the avenue of creature approach unto the Father indwelling each soul. 

Its daily implementation must be made in your unique personal circumstances on a day to day application. It is the very precise method that I had used in my own transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension back in the days of my ministry in the Jerusalem area. Today in the United States, I am also honoring this very same approach to once again raise this flesh body back into pure light and life at the termination of my ministry here. There have been thousands over the centuries who have accomplished the exact same completion unfoldment.
  1. The Paradise Personality Circuits of Progressive Attainment in Father, Son, and Infinite Spirit.
  2. The Great Creative Word, "I AM" and your responsibilities in thought, feeling, spoken word, and action.
  3. The Descent of the Cosmic Sacred Fire of Creation drawing down the Infinite Holy Spirit of the Mother.
  4. The Great Law of Existence to establish permanent harmony and order for your existence, and the Seven Eyes of Eternity as thy scepter to recreate thy life into a new momentum and light-filled accumulation.
  5. The Eternal Embrace of these Paradise Personality Circuits of Progressive Attainment through Trinity Endowment (you can write to us for our booklet on the Embracing Eternity Exercises).
  6. The Spiritual Promise of Everlasting Life whereby Personal Immortality is thy Destiny that must be chosen by you while still in the flesh garment!

Below are the Seven Eyes of Eternity which establish for us our personal immortality as a uniquely individualized part of God the Supreme. These Seven Eyes make daily use of the Paradise Personality Circuits of Progressive Attainment within our local universe.

Invocation: "I AM the Ocean of eternal and universal Light. All is made of the Life that I AM."

Instruction: Receive My instruction on the Trinity Endowment and the drawing forth into thy physical conditions the Cosmic Fire of Creation to transfigure all with Its Omnipotent Love.

Invitation: "I AM Pure Luminous White Fire, Transfiguration Flame."

Identification: "I make real the One and Only God Force Power and Presence. I AM the One God Force individualized through my Oversoul Presence."

Inquiry: When in the midst of negativity or struggle you may say unto thyself - "Who is speaking?, for I AM the One God Force here and now taking command."

Invision: Perceive the vision of thyself in a body of pure light radiating the everpresent electronic force unto all in thy surroundings.

Impregnation: After applying thy invitation/decrees to the Cosmic Fire, stop and be still and receive. Stir not thy force field and let it become still and tranquil in order for the higher radiation of the Host to sweep through thy field and quicken all into the substance of eternal Light.

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy Flame
Michael of Nebadon

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