Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Seamless Garment of Light

I have come into the garment of flesh to better help you to prepare in the ways designed by Paradise in order to receive of the Flame of the Paradise Father indwelling thee. The Seven Eyes give you the strength and clarity of purpose to fulfill this Trinity Endowment. These Seven Eyes (I's) are invocation, instruction, identification, inquiry, invision, impregnation, and invitation.

As you come to trust in me and are willing to take the chance of learning . . . putting away thy preconceived ideas about Truth, Love, and God - the eternal verities I shall call them - and allowing thyself to embrace what I have been given to offer you in your ascent unto Light. Come and partake of my yoke and learn with me of this avenue of approach unto the One God Force. Ye will grow in strength, maturity, and faith. Thy determination will build truth, goodness, and beauty within thy soul personality. Ye will be actualizing lifetimes of pent up dormant emotions which as you turn this into constructive light become a great fuel to propel you ever upwards in consciousness. Thy devotion and dedication will once again find value within the eternal fulfillment attained by you in this holy endeavor to reach inwards unto the One Power, Wisdom-Intelligence, and Presence that indwells thy very soul.

I am encouraging each of you to take some time and reach for Me in the Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth which pervades thy soul and spirit; for I AM thy faithful guide and teacher, thy comfort and friend, if ye shall so choose to engage with me in the achievement of the ages . . . thy personal regeneration . . . transfiguration unto the seamless garment of everlasting life.

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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