Monday, February 25, 2013

Living the Sacred Fire Love

Let that Living Sacred Fire live in you! Make it blaze by your Conscious Command. You must recognize It and command its manifestation if it is to be revealed in you and your will have tremendous assistance from all who have come from Venus to purify the Earth and all upon it. Therefore, you may have the Radiance of Our Love. Acknowledge It! Recognize It! Use It! Fill yourselves with It! Feel yourselves surrounded by It! Expand It! Give it to all, that Life may be blessed everywhere by the Love of the Sacred Fire which we bring to Earth. It must come into outer conditions if they are to become any better.

When you call and acknowledge the Radiance of the Sacred Fire Love of the Living Christ, the Beloved "I AM Presence" in you, you become the Outer Illumination of Its Love. Beloved Ones, then if you will intensify and expand this by conscious recognition - then when the need arises, you can command the Sacred fire Love to spread Its Radiance over a condition and say, "Peace! Be still," and it will have to be so. Everything the Beloved Master Jesus did, He did by the Command of that love. everything We have done, We have done by the Command of that Love. And so must you if you are to reach Perfection. If you are to fill the world with Perfection, if you are to give Perfection to those around you, it must come into manifestation by conscious recognition and Command of the Sacred Fire Love of the Living Christ.

The Christ is all that is constructive everywhere in the Universe. The Christ is all the Perfection of the Light; and your Beloved Higher Mental Body is that, and the Love from your "Presence" is that. We are that Sacred Fire Love from Venus, and everything that is constructive on this Earth is sustained by that Love. Why not recognize It? Why not acknowledge It? Why not expand It, since it is given to produce Perfection? So, Beloved Ones, you can renew your world. You can refresh yourselves and your world. You can spread your Illumination to your city or your Nation. You can give to Life as the Sun gives Light to the Earth; and until you do become a Sun Presence of the Radiance of the Living Christ, the Sacred Fire Love needs to be called into outer action to perfect conditions that lift your brother man and all Life out of distress and into the Light of eternal Perfection...

Excerpt by Sanat Kumara
Saint Germain Press

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon
aka Esu Kumara Michael

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