Saturday, February 9, 2013

Liberation by Sacred Fire Love

Unity or oneness is that the underlying fundamental basis of all reality is the very same substance, energy, intelligence, power, electronic particle; the atmic principle, atomic principle, or I AM principle, is identified to be the one substance everywhere present in everything and everyone is made of this same substance. We are all made of the same thing. Individualized yes as unique personalizations and made of the very same thing...the body of God Himself.

To attain this realization you must spend some time away from society as the focus of your mind, and focus upon these ideas. Speak to the electrons which are microcosmic particles of sentient and intelligently feeling beings who have been poured out by the Father at the center and source unto all creation; and thy oversoul receives this outpouring first and distributes the outpouring to each of its personalizations such as thyself. And then you (each one of us) have the free will choice as to how you are going to use this pure intelligence...these living sentient particles or beings. You may use it to create constructively or destructively. These beings must obey you because you are the Self-directive Intelligence of God the supreme, even though humanity doesn't know this much and is creating negatively and destructively with the body of God.

Now, so you may ask well what about everything that I've created over all my lifetimes, some of it good and some bad, per say. Yes, you must return every jot and tittle...every particle of electron that you have ever sent out into creation for thyself, you are personally responsible for and must return into Its Purity and Grace. You do this by drawing down to you each day the Sacred fire Love which transfigures the destructive rate of vibration that you have set into motion...back into light and love.

In thy field of receptivity or consciousness you have a mixture of both low vibrating electronic substance and higher vibrating substance. All is the body of God that is seeking...desiring to be 'recalled' or 'redeemed' back into pure light. It is being tortured by the destructive rate of vibration and desires intensely to return to purity and grace...that is thy pain that you feel and push under the rug or blame on must take accountability for everything before you are allowed to enter this local universe. If not, then you remain within the nursery school levels of the earth until you do attain mastery over energy and vibration.

Call upon the law of forgiveness and ask to redeem thy lowered rates of vibration in your field. Return it into light by invoking the Love force to do it for you. You cannot change it to anything, but you have the free will self directive intelligence to call upon the force of love to do it for you...

Email me if you need help with understanding this further...

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon/
Esu Kumara Michael/EKM

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