Saturday, February 23, 2013

Immortal Invocation and Invitation

Invocation: Thou Infinite I AM that I AM. I honor and worship thy unending Love and Mercy pouring out unto all creation in every moment of existence. Thank you for My life and My existence in thee. Thou Ocean of never-ending glory and power. I give all unto thee and pray for thy Will to be attained within humanity and with my very self.

Invitation: I AM Crystal White Fire Resurrection Flame

Perceive with thy imagination and desire thy field of receptivity bathed in this Resurrection Flame of the Mighty Ascended Host within this system of worlds. Feel deeply and allow thy passion for God to emerge as you invoke the invocation and invitation decrees. Command with all confidence and determination knowing that what you are asking for is right and proper and that you hold all ability to draw this Flame down into thy physical conditions to transfigure thy energy field into the higher vibration...

Michael of Nebadon

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