Wednesday, February 27, 2013

God Connection

The Great "I AM" is your own Immortal and Eternal Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. He is thine own Selfhood existing in the Octaves of Eternity and he has extended Himself down into the flesh limitation as the personality soul of thyself. He is everywhere present and He exists at the very Godhead of all existence. He is Law...the Law of Existence, and when His Law is cooperated with, happiness is insured. His Omnipresent Life Force that exists everywhere, as everything, and everyone is made of His One Substance which has outpoured Himself unto all and continues to do so.

With faith and trust that He is Omnipresent and His existence is in and as all things everywhere ye can begin to have relationship with Him in every moment. You can Know Him! Attune to Him! Embrace Him! Call upon Him! Receive of Him! You can allow Him to impregnate thy every atomic particle within thy personal energy field until you are vibrating in accordance with this One Supreme Field and Force of Infinite Intelligence, Love, and Power.

You may contemplate Him in this way: the Great I AM as thine own Oversoul Higher Presence - the Highest Point of thy Lifestream and the Individualization of the I AM that I AM which expands and extends Himself into creation manifesting as all these trillions of beings everywhere present throughout Infinity. This Great I AM of thyself is extended down into you and is anchored within the zone of thy heart. This Great I AM must be expanded by your free will choice to allow Him, who is thine own Selfhood, to establish Himself throughout thy field of receptivity...thy personal consciousness. It is not enough within the divine plan to transcend the lower center of thy human being. Ye must transfigure all the lower center through expanding this Sacred Fire Love of thine own Great I AM Oversoul Presence. As He extends Himself into and as the creation taking up residence as every particle and every bit a space throughout Infinity, He manifests Himself as the very tapestry and fabric of all creation everywhere. His Omnipresence is Self Evident upon our recognition and acknowledgement of Him through our choice to use faith and trust at first until that faith and trust becomes for us a living direct experience; the authority of this experience is your direct association and realization relationship with Him through thine own Flame within the heart connecting you to your Great I AM Oversoul which connects you with the Supreme I AM. That Supreme God I AM is God of creation, still finite and of recognizable beginning, yet with no end. The Triune God of Paradise is the Center and Source of all Intelligences and all Spirits everywhere which upon gaining His Wisdom build for themselves the impetus to rise up out from their locale unto a greater, and still greater position within creation and ultimately beyond the creation as the transmutations carry the being unto the very presence of the Infinite Spirit, then the encircling presence of the Eternal Son, and at last, the Father of Paradise...the Living Person of God, the Creative Center and Source and originating Nameless One who is indescribable and yet Personal. For He is the very Source of all personalities and all Life.

And, in thy evolutionary attainments you begin to gradually embrace Him through the help of the Universe Mother Spirit and My own Spirit of Truth. Thus has the Father managed to individualize Himself into and throughout the creation until He as YOU become an expression of Himself localized in your point of creation... a person in the flesh who is seeking to find God and discovers Him as thy very nature and identity.

And the quickest and easiest route to find Him in thy daily living is as the animating power and presence which motivates your ability to think, feel, and act. By returning your attention and focused thinking and  feeling unto this animating power, you are focusing and worshiping Perfection which then becomes a living vibration within thy life; for whatsoever you focus upon impresses its vibratory power and qualities into your field. Thus, the initiation into eternity asks of you this: what are you desiring to worship and make real in thy life? Are you complete with the outer seeking of thy senses and are you ready to quicken those very senses into a greater vibration?

Michael of Nebadon 

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