Monday, February 11, 2013

Feeling is the Doorway unto Consciousness of God

We attain the beginnings of the consciousness of God...His presence, His purity and freedom for ourselves...the realization of God the Supreme I AM or Atmic Principle or Life Principle by evolving and purifying the feeling or emotional aspect of ourselves. We can understand intellectually the ideal to achieve and the Laws and Principles, yet the day to day work on thyself which you should seek to overcome is thy feelings. Reactivity and resentments, hurts, angers, lusts, jealousies, pride, defensiveness - these are all the byproducts of an impure emotional body which through the drawing forth of the fire of Love from your own Oversoul, you will gain purity and freedom from these misqualified energies which only you have set into motion, and can re-set into a new momentum by raising the accumulation of energy stuck in the emotional body. Ask for the quickening of all thy Substance of energy so that you return the misused, disharmonious parts of thyself back into the purity of the Supreme Self that you are.

Recognize when these 'misqualities' appear for you; release all blame and justifications for their existence in your life; redeem the energy from its present density or darkness or condition back into Light vibration. By calling upon the Love Force to come and quicken, you will be raising back into freedom that portion of the Life force that is God...and in this way we actualize the greater Supreme Being by first raising ourselves into union with the greater Self. You take your soul personality upwards in vibration...out from the imperfections of thy human existence unto the greater octaves of Light. Just as you need a physical body to gain access to this realm of earth, so, do you need the seamless garment of eternal light body to gain access to the realms of light.

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon
aka Esu Kumara Michael

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