Thursday, February 7, 2013

Actualizing Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

We each must purify and evolve our EQ (emotional intelligence) in order for true spiritual realization to occur. Emotions are the key to evolution. You can know these ideas in mind yet you must bring the Law of Harmony, Order, and Love and Mercy down into your physical and emotional selfhood to become truly realized and free. This requires understanding the descent of the Cosmic Sacred fire of Love - for Love is the coalescing force, the integrating force that allow us to build consciousness into a higher form of light. Love, harmony, order integrates and allow the electrons to spin more rapidly within the atomic structure and that unleashes the atomic power of divine light intelligence....

While disorder, disharmony, hate, anger, resentments, lust, jealousy, etc is the disintegrating force - or let me say it is the Force qualified with lower vibrations of those qualities that cause disintegration, the breaking down so that you disintegrate into disease, degeneration, and death.

Until humanity realizes this fact of existence and changes the EQ, until there is a massive educational program that supports true education in this way, there will be little change within people. Most people avoid the shadow part of themselves judging it out there in others when they react to outer circumstances and others, but the true avadhuta sage owns his reactions and passes these energies through the flame of his life force to transfigure all. That is the true work to be done by us.

Over the course of 25 years of being here since I walked in to this body, I have been transfiguring set into motion and energy stuck and not in motion. That is the real starseed/lightworker mission that must be alleviated in order for progression to occur...

May you each find the courage to not fool thyself into believing that you are already there because of your mind ideas, but may you work on raising the EQ of thyself into light...

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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