Thursday, February 14, 2013

Discipleship with Thine Own Force of Life

I have not come to build a following of disciples, but to offer you the way to make deeper fuller contact with thy own God Force Presence...and to wash away all thy troubles, struggles, and hurts by inviting the Cosmic Fire of Creation to enter into thy personal physical conditions, to raise up these conditions through the power of the Three R's - Recognition, Release, and Redemption.

The Order of Michael illuminates the avenue of approach to God and reveals the nature and identity of the Paradise Father...the Living Divine Force that is thy real identity and eternal nature.

You can access directly right above you and pervading you the teacher of the Spirit of Truth Holy this way I can reach you very directly to help guide you in your search for Truth and Love and God. The Father indwells you, the Son and His Sons pervade you, and the Infinite Spirit and Her Associates are omnipresent and powerfully individualized to step down to you the Higher Self-Luminous and Immortal Substance . . . the Divine Universal Light. This is the beginnings of Paradise Trinity Endowment and the Descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation.

I also teach the Seven Eyes of Attainment: invocation, instruction, inquiry, identification, invision, impregnation, and invitation; these along with certain other keys are the grains of sand comprising the Holy Grail of personal immortality.

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In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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