Thursday, January 10, 2013


Sovereignty is actualization thy God self into and through the physical conditions of thy life and world. You expand the tip of the God Self at the heart to saturate all thy field of receptivity - physical, mental, emotional, etheric lifetime memories become raised in vibratory frequency closer unto pure Light. You are quickening the atomic substance, the Atmic or I AM Principle which is the fundamental basis of all things. This I AM Principle is the Everlasting Electronic Light (made of electrons) that pervades everywhere and everything. It is the God Substance. The Fabric of Life everywhere extending out from the Great Central Source and Center of all Life. When this Divine Substance is given to one from the Great Ascended Beings in the Higher Octaves, the human imperfect Substance which is vibrating low becomes quickened and more Intelligent, and become more and more the vibration of the higher octaves of pure light. In this way, we create the Seamless Garment of Eternal Light out of the low vibrations of the temporal garment of flesh limitation. The mortal puts on immortality. The human becomes divine. The temporary is transmuted into the Everlasting Substance of Pure Light.

Sovrnty Temple and Retreat is currently offering The Private Dialogues where we come together in a setting wherein you become clear as to the true purpose and divine design of the ages. You learn to understand the Law of thy Existence, and how to use this Great Law in the Descent of the Cosmic Fire of Love to transfigure all density into Light Everlasting. Information first places new understanding and knowledge into the present formation of thy consciousness that you can apply each day and grow into. Transformation second is the result of thy application of this knowledge to your individual life and circumstances. You actualize your divine and human potential. You work toward graduating from the rounds of birth and death. You change the accumulations of negativity and densities within into a new momentum which compels and carries you into the greater Life more abundant. Is this not what I taught during the days in Galilee?

In the Majesty of His Love
Michael of Nebadon
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