Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paradise Trinity Endowment is the Illuminated Highway unto the Immortal Light

Everything is made of God. If you don't believe me then you simply must redefine God for thyself. Everything is made of God. We are in His body. You are a living cell in His body and so am I. We may have different origins and various functions, yet, we are each the One Body of God. It may be microscopic and not fully actualized, yet, each one of us is the Supreme God individualized, and as you give your attention and focus during the day to that Presence...that animating presence and Life Force will be building a new momentum. The problem that happened with humanity collectively is this: the people lost sight of the unchanging One Power and Presence and became a bit hypnotized into focusing exclusively upon outer appearances with their senses. So the senses dropped in vibration drastically, and also caused the soul personality to degenerate because of the attention being outer focused upon imperfection. When that occurred, the collective civilization and the individual lifetimes became much more dense in its frequency vibration and that density caused a separation of all sorts. The people fell out of grace; the grace of being able to form out of the formless Substance of God...all that they ever needed to live. The grace of knowing the connection and place within the universe in relationship to the Paradise Father, eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit. Knowledge of Trinity Endowment...the gift of the Universal Father to all of His creation...became lost. This is the Holy Grail spoken of over the history of the human race.

Trinity Endowment is the Holy Grail that is highly sought after...for eternal life and immortality, for never-ending truth, beauty, and goodness to live within you. Then, the civilization invented ways of compensating for that loss and designed all sorts of human and artificial ways to get the things that they could no longer form directly out of the formless. This created for the race and the individuals tremendous hardship and confusion. Due to the lack of awareness of this, the people became traumatized without ever understanding what had happened, and the majority became quietly frantic in their search looking to all sorts of outside authorities when all along they had their God Presence just at the heart and above them in the higher octaves of life...connected the entire time but not able to access the connection, to draw the Stream of Life from their Oversoul or Higher Presence down into their personal lives and use in order to manifest with ease all their desires and needs for living, and to use that Force of God to permanently erase the struggle and darkness.

How do I know this? I came from outside this system in service to help raise the vibration of the people so that the society collectively could recover and begin to once again claim their rights and powers of creative force which they once had. God doesn't desire that people want for anything. He does not want people to suffer in poverty and lack. It is an error of the ways of humanity...the society. Thus, you are born into a society that doesn't understand what they were once able to do from a state of grace and ease. You are born and the society tells you all sorts of invented ways, and purposes of being successful and creating what you want. The human society, in fear and doubt, moved into a state of open rebellion towards anyone who had come over the centuries with the knowledge of how to regain the correct dignity and human stature. Many who came then used the state of weakness of people to control and manipulate and thus, trust disappeared.

I have come...and I've been here a number of times in various guises or personalities along with many many others at this time...many others...angels, ascended masters, cosmic beings of all sorts...have come at this help attempt to re-ignite humanity's spark into a fuller flame which when focused upon could help to take human beings back into the state of sovereignty that the race once had before being badly manipulated and 'toyed' with by others. I have come in the hopes that some of you would listen and take heed...take note and apply these ideas which I have been sharing with you. My main interest and desire is to see the race collectively restored to rightness with God by understanding a few things: first, there is a definitive plan for the race and for you as an individual; second, there is a law of existence that must be adhered to in order to have freedom, maturity, and ultimately evolution into a state of immortality; third, there is this Trinity Endowment given to humanity to help each person connect to the God Force and become, once again, empowered and regenerated into a greater degree of Living Light and Love.

I see that there are many of you coming here to read from various countries...and that is amazing...that regardless of background, the soul's desire to transcend the old ways and to find that something new which could carry them to greater heights of attainment. Please don't be afraid to contact me if you have questions and concerns. You can email me if you like and I will respond to help you once and for all time, to understand the laws of thy being and existence, and how to apply these laws and principles to your life circumstances in order to step free from the wheel of birth and death, from distress of all kinds, from states of confusion that the race resides deeply within.

I pray for each one of you that you find your way through the miasma of information that is out there online and locally. That you feel an affinity to read and learn here what I share with you so that you can take thyself beyond the confines of your present limitations and predicaments of all kinds. I have come once again into the fold of humanity for a time to teach you of the higher ways of life and to offer you life more abundant than you presently are capable of receiving. Ye must prepare a place vibrationally, mentally, emotionally, soulically, to receive the greater portion that Life desires for you to have.

Our God desires for humans and the human race overall to have a life more abundant. I have stood in the very presence of the Paradise Father and He has told me thus. Your race is maturing slowly, yet there are a few who have taken control of the systems of humanity who must be phased out over time. This will happen as more and more people lay claim to own themselves in God. Then, the situation will adjust according to that level of development of the race. It will not change until the human race collectively...the majority...decides to take a stand and live more fully in the One God Force by placing more praise and honor, more attentive focus and trust, more faith and love for God who is individualized above each one of us and who also exists everywhere, as everything, and everyone in truth.

Trinity Endowment is the way designed for thy freedom and mastery of all situations upon the earth. Through God directly above each one of you, you can make that eternal embrace. Through My help via the Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth which pervades thy space, you can build contact with Me. Through the Infinite Spirit Mother and Her associates, you can draw down to you the Fire of Love in order to wash clean all your past mistakes which lay as an accumulation within thy energy field.

Call upon My Comforter Presence of Truth and I will come to aid you, to help you discern truth from falsehood. I offer you My fellowship and companionship eternally as friends, as brothers, and as sisters. I offer you My guidance physically herein and through the Spirit of Truth, so that you may fortify your own direct contact with the Supreme God Force above and within thy heart.

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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