Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Paradise Flame of Mercy with Michael of Nebadon

The Paradise Trinity Endowment Mercy Flame of Forgiveness -  A Free Live International Conference Call with Michael of Nebadon. Email us for the access code at Paradise Trinity Endowment Mercy Flame of Forgiveness

Begin to Embrace Eternity . . . a great experience of the Paradise Flame of Mercy and Forgiveness . . . sins and mistakes are erased . . . healing of all kinds take place . . . a new upward momentum may be established . . . an experience of the power of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter occurs regardless of time and space location . . .

The Mercy Flame comes directly from the Eternal Son of Paradise, the Second Person of the Paradise Trinity. It is the Only way to have forgiveness and healing of all past hurts, past mistakes and sins or errors. That's really all a sin is, an error made in the past that we are carrying until we can redeem it through the Mercy Flame of Forgiveness.

This Flame of Mercy comes into creation through the Universe Mother Spirit and Her associates. This is the Great White Brotherhood and the Ascended Host for this planet. The Avatar Saint Germain is the director and the focus for this Flame of Mercy for the next two thousand year cycle.

AHA! really means there are three specific conditions that must be met in order to have success with the Flame of Mercy coming into our life and washing away all past hurts that we are carrying.

ACKNOWLEDGE the God Self above and within thee. Establish and maintain HARMONY in the feelings throughout the day. Be ACCOUNTABLE for everything that comes into your life and personal world. Only you could have created the conditions and can uncreate now whatever you don't like.

In the Majesty of His Love and MercyMichael of Nebadon
Sovrnty Temple and Retreat Welcome Letter

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