Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Kingdom "I AM" is Attainable

You have a God Self which is all-powerful, all-intelligent, all-loving. The more you turn your attention to this part of thyself... through faith and trust...the greater will be your salvation. His Presence is in you at the heart area, moving through you in your nerves and circulation systems, enfolding you as a Higher Mind, and above you dwelling within the higher octaves of pure light...the more you turn to that, the greater will you be expanding the Kingdom "I AM". This "I AM" Principle is everywhere present. It is the fundamental basis of all reality. It is YOU in thy grandest state of existence. It desires to outpour its unlimited prosperity and goodness, its truth and beauty, into and through your life and world. It desires to expand its Kingdom of Perfect vibratory radiance which you shall become if and when you give your trust and faith, your thought attention and intense feelings of love and adoration to It.

A Great Stream of Life Everlasting, Pure Light, Electronic Light Essence and Divine Energy Presence comes from your Presence above you; for it is the receptacle and repository of all the good you have ever attained, and it is the repository for the Great I AM that I AM in the Great Central Sun...the Source and Center of all Life which continually outpours Itself into creation. Your Presence...this God Self that you are is your Ascended Self state of existence. You resurrect into the enfolding presence of thyself and then to complete the process you expand back into this Ascended Self...thy Oversoul Presence you might call it. This Individualized God Self of YOU is your source of Life. When you call to that Great Presence and Intelligence with intense feeling and directed attention in thought and focus, It forms a living bridge that allows the Presence to flow back to you...into your mind and emotions, and physical body...Its Indestructible Purity of Life Everlasting which quickens all your field of receptivity...your Energy field. Until you as a human being are transfiguring all your darkness, density, and misqualified energies into the Ascended Substance of Pure Light you will remain on the wheel of rebirthing thyself back and forth into this density. You have already lived thousands of lifetimes in very similar environments with similar circumstances without much progress taking place. By creating this Living Bridge into Life Everlasting, you gradually vibrate higher and higher. Greater and Greater Intelligence comes to you naturally, thus, expanding your IQ, your ability to feel the highs in life, and Its invincible stream of Light becomes You here in the imperfect flesh garment within your mundane life and everyday affairs. Yet, you are gradually glorifying God Himself, and expanding His Kingdom of Life in your location of creation. Pure Happiness floods you and your personal world becomes radiated and protected with this Light from your God Self. You are fulfilling His Will and Intent for you, and for all life everywhere to become Perfected "even as the Great I AM". Thy Presence floods your mind and emotions with Its Everlasting Illumination and Love which is Self-luminous Intelligent Substance that cannot become turned back into negativity or darkness/density. It stabilize you within a certain vibrational frequency. This Activity establishes you within His Light and Life. This Stream of Life taken in by you...received b you each day, washes away your stress and struggle, your confusions and difficult decisions evaporate. It is thy greatest protection and the pathway to freedom eternally...through the Kingdom of the Great I AM dwelling within you and above you. You are this Presence, yet, you are a tiny part of it until you embrace the eternity of thy own God Force Self.

This Intelligent Substance, Energy, Power, Presence, and Activity is Omnipotence in action...God in action for you as you prepare a greater place to receive of Him. So, expand thy Light and God Self into and throughout your human energy field. Quicken all your energy back into the purity of His Light and Life. You are His Life. His Light is what all is made of. And His Love is the Integrating Force that bonds and coagulates all creation together. It draws together the all-pervading Divine Electronic Light Substance into form, allowing it to precipitate Itself into manifestation. Love Integrates. When you are unsure of who or what knowledge to follow and receive to learn and apply in your life, ask thyself this Question - Does the knowledge cause me to Integrate or Disintegrate. The darkness or so-called evil is really ignorance and confusion.It is based upon the misperceptions accumulated by the race and civilization. Mankind craves Integration and Harmony and, in error, seeks it in the temporal outer world of appearances which can only bring forth disintegration and imperfection. Perfection is Only within the divine God Self that you are, and which resides above you as an individual; the Light compels our integration. It transfigures and transmutes  human imperfection and ignorance into the Love and Mercy of Itself. In the schoolhouse of earth, you are learning to integrate with Truth and the Unchanging Self within; bringing it forward. . . expanding this Great I AM Principle of thyself into your physical life and world. You are mastering energy and vibration...the divine Substance of thy Life Force Presence...thy God Self... by taking accountability for your personal energy field and all that you have set into motion through e-motion. As you attain this mastery, thy darkness, struggle, confusions, and human density become integrated and raised into the Ever-present and Everlasting Light of thy Life. . . of thine Own "I AM Principle.

For thine is the Kingdom and the Glory and the Power . . . and you are each unique Individualizations of this One Power and Presence. You and I are this Supreme Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence. He is Infinite, spread out into and through creation, and we have the capacity, the right, the authority, the ability and Power to invoke our being and to embrace more and more of His Eternal Fabric of all Being. We don't grow into it, we expand It from within thy heart and mind and allow it to devour all obstructions to It. That is the attainment of the Kingdom of the "I AM". Hence, you will become to embodiment of Love and Mercy.

Invoke His Presence with all acknowledgment and recognition including thyself in the recognition that you are Him announcing creation in your locale of this universe. Perceive that You are Him in expression each and every day to create a new momentum carrying you into His Light. Invoke Him through thy own God Self, to flood thy physical conditions. Invite and Decree His Power and Perfection to come forth and quicken all thy Energy into His Love, Life, and Light. . . This is thy destiny and it is the Royal Road to Immortality; permanent freedom without struggle and stress, nor can the heavy depressed feelings attack you causing quiet desperation and confusions in purpose and life's meaning. Pure Happiness, Clarity, and Joy can be found directly within thy own God Self as you determine to choose to walk in His Consciousness and Will.

This is the path of Sovereignty. These are the sacred teachings at Sovrnty Temple and Retreat which I give unto thee sharing with you the way, the truth, and the life...the Kingdom of the Great "I AM" . . .

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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