Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The "I AM" Discourses

The following is an excerpt from the work of Saint Germain. My own service and ministry stands in perfected alignment with Him and, of course, the Ascended Host of Heaven. My teachings regarding the Law of Existence, the Descent of the Cosmic Fire of Love, and the Trinity Endowment are of the same spiritual activity and radiation. They are the Upper Hand that I lean upon and reach for each day, and by which I receive their radiation of intense Love and Mercy. They are the greater part of Myself as I AM here in the flesh amongst you all. In fact, each day I spend much time and energy applying this Instruction and I have been able to take this human imperfect personality and form into greater and greater states of perfected vibration smoothing out and erasing the rough edges and aligning this personality which I walked into when he was 25 years old; back then, a very immature and unprepared vehicle for the greater light, and I have through this understanding quickened all human imperfect vibration into a refinement which cannot be explained in words...readying the personality form to become raised into the full light at the end of my ministry here at this level of existence. I use these very same Instructions and Teachings that I have given to each of you and which I have written about in greater detail should you decide to come closer unto Me and initiate our greater association and contact in the flesh while I am here offering The Private Dialogues; for I have come like a 'thief in the night' - unknown to the great majority of the population which continues to go on its merry way without much understanding and refinement looking to the Bible writings and the indoctrination of these organized religions which have been deceiving the people and have re-written My teachings from the time of Jesus. The Instruction I share with you herein has been given to Me to give unto thee... given by the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light Eternal which are spoken about in this tribute that I place closer unto thy attention and focus today.

If you desire to go forward into greater mastery of energy and vibration and to one day soon attain your own Ascension into the Eternal Light of God, then I heartily recommend these works, as well as a few other Sources of the very same Eternal Inner Understanding of the Great Creative Word, the "I AM." The major difference between many other paths and this work, is that others are teaching to 'go out of body' while this Eternal Understanding kindly Instructs on how to bring forth the Great Light through thy own Individualization of God above bring the Light into and through the physical body, mind, emotions, and etheric memories of all lifetimes where is stored all thy cause and effect, records and memories of everything you have ever done. Bringing the Great Light down into your human imperfection is the true and only path which leads to immortality and eternal freedom; to be able to transfigure all things unto the Seamless Garment of Eternal Light. These are the exact teachings that Jesus practiced and taught during that time of His ministry . . . and which enabled Him to attain the transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension; for we came to show the way back then and to set into motion the next dispensation of Light which turned into the Christian teachings, most of which became tainted and changed by mankind, some inadvertently from ignorance, and much as a way to control and deceive the population through fears of hell and fire and brimstone; techniques that were left over from the administrative rebellion on this planet, and had made their way into the minds and hearts of the people and the culture; and which are being quicken into Light everywhere within the civilization. Soon, there will no longer exist the false teachings of light, and only this Eternal Inner Understanding, Ascendant Instruction, and Divine Teaching of the Ascended Host will exist on this planet.

I bid each one of you reading my writings each day, godspeed with all illumination and clarity regarding the way to attain your Victory in the Light of the Great God Self which you are, and which exists as a greater portion of thyself in the Higher Octaves which you must call upon and connect with each day and each moment in order to raise thyself and all thy energies into Pure Light.

From Godfre Ray King, Lotus Ray King, and the Mighty Saint Germain who is the Avatar for this coming Age of Light:

"At the present time the attention of mankind is being drawn to the conscious understanding and use of the words "I AM" by the Ascended Masters, Beloved Saint Germain, Beloved Jesus, and others of the Ascended Host - who are pouring out ceaselessly the Great Light to release Freedom, Peace, and Perfection. The Cosmic Command for the permanent Golden Age has been given and must now manifest on this planet.

"These Great Ones have always been the Custodians of the Eternal Inner Understanding concerning the use of the Great Creative Word, "I AM". They, and They alone, have been able to give the complete understanding concerning what occurs when those two Words, "I AM" are used.

"They have been the elder Brothers, Protectors, Guardians, and Infallible teachers of mankind throughout the centuries. The Ascended Masters are the only infallible Source of Instruction to the humanity of this earth, because they are Wholly Divine, and One with the God Self of every individual. They are the Living Fulfillment of the Law They teach, and are the only Ones who have manifested complete Victory over so-called death.

"They are the Full Manifestation of that Light and Love which rule the Universe and which maintain Divine Order throughout Infinity.

"The release of Their combined Light is taking place and flooding the earth at the present time. All that is not of the Light is consumed thereby. Their Light will continue to expand throughout this planet until all its humanity has made the Ascension also - and the earth itself becomes a Blazing Sun, whirling in its appointed path in space.

"To these Great Ascended Masters mankind owes all the good it has ever received or drawn forth, because They are the way and means by which the Infinite God Self expands Its Perfection through the finite activity of personalities.

"The earth and its humanity are entering into the "I AM" Age, and therefore the full use of this "I AM" knowledge must be understood and utilized by the individuals who live here in the present and near future.

"To all individuals who will call unto Them in the Name of the "Mighty I AM Presence," keep their feelings harmonized, and pour out intense Love continually to their own "Mighty I AM Presence," will be given assistance without limit."

Here is the link to the books.
I AM Discourses

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon
aka Esu Kumara Michael

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