Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Gift of Immortality

I teach thee of the Gift of Trinity Endowment in Awakening ImmortalityThere is a plan for human life to become permanently free from all suffering and human limitation by consciously becoming Immortal. You can raise your life into fulfillment by understanding the hidden Plan and the Law of Life which when acted upon will propel you into having a direct and ongoing spiritual realization experience, validated by the authority of your personal relationship to the Source. Conscious physical immortality can be yours, so that, you gradually transform into a unified expression of the Source – the Father Mother God of us all. As you raise your life into alignment with this plan and higher will, you’ll discover the true meaning of life. There is a great purpose for you to fulfill, and the entire Universe waits upon your attainment.

The key to this attainment of Life Mastery is in allowing your faith to expand into your whole heart and mind. Saturate your whole being with love of Omnipresence. Give yourself unconditionally into this supreme service; for as you awaken into mastery of the Life Principle, the whole being of the Universe rejoices. Only through faith and trust can you forge a relationship with the Eternal God. As you open to hear more of the divine purpose, and choose to enter into the understanding of this approach to Life, you will become flooded with the desire for deep fulfillment and God perfection. This powerful intention and focused desire to take your life into the higher life is the fulfillment of the highest Will. You can experience throughout your day deep fulfillment and pure and simple happiness as you make the effort to realize and live the divine design. You’ll experience the joy of participating in relationship with the Source, a part of which lives within you.  Consecrating and directing your conscious mind and heart, and your human free will into living in harmony with the Eternal will give you access to the doorway into Light. It establishes you into the next evolutionary phase of human life, and it fulfills the requirements necessary to become a permanent and fully conscious Individualization of the eternal God within this local universe. This is a necessary step. It is a conscious initiation that must be attained, and there are certain steps along the way that will anchor you into the eternal initiation.

We are standing at the doorway of a moment on the cosmic clock, at the end of a huge cycle of human evolution. This culminating moment is your golden opportunity to unlock the doorway of immortality, and your entrance requires understanding your godhood – your divine identity, your creative accountability, and your power to co-create with eternity. The power that you will discover in the right use of your creative accountability will awaken in you the ability to transmute all your imperfections into divine Perfection –personal godhood. This self revelation propels you into self actualization and a deeper expansion of being aware that you are a part of the Whole. This is what some have called god consciousness. It is the awareness that you are the Whole individualized and personalized. Your awakening to this is the fulfillment of your potential as a human person; you are meant to establish living from a higher perspective. This perspective gives you the ability to make fuller use of your brain potential, and it will open you to the hidden powers and abilities of being human. There is a higher life which awaits you after you have grown tired of the cycle of rebirthing yourself over and over again from one lifetime to the next. Often you are re-experiencing the same circumstances and environments, working out of your consciousness the conditions and imperfections of density that must be raised up at some point in time. As you allow for the purification of your consciousness you will be able to live from a higher perspective which will extinguish many of the troubles and struggles that are occurring for you without any end in sight.

Personality is a gift from the Universal Spirit and your uniqueness is a specific design intended to be used in the progression of the creation into Light. You have gifts and abilities which must blossom. These gifts are awakened once you understand how to become filled with the vibratory presence of love. This approach to the Universal Spirit is a path which awakens for you the true and pure personality that God intends for you. You do not become merged into the ocean of His being and lose your individuality, but your unique gifts, talents, and personality are placed in alignment and service with the great plan of the universes because all creation is moving gradually into a higher Light. Your human personality and nature become purified, spiritualized into a higher expression. In this unfoldment that I speak of, you will be raising your human self into your higher Self. The transformation of your human nature into the divine nature must begin while you are in this limited form because it is a conscious participation that must occur. In this transmutation, you realize the Omnipresence more deeply, and it is fueled by your personal spiritual relations with the Creator and Source of us all. You embody and become the Spirit of creation individualized. You come to know yourself as a unique individualization of the Supreme Being. The Creator, as It extends itself into time and space creation must work through its individualizations. Your expansion is a never-ending realization of the inherent potential that you’ve been designed to live.

Your human form was created with the intention of transmuting it into a greater form and expression, and all this takes place within the bounds of the natural and normal unfoldment of your potential. The initiation into eternity is the way the Infinite Father has designed. It is the necessary requirement that each and every human being eventually undergoes in order to attain greater levels of experience and existence. Granted, there has not been an understanding of this plan and that has caused unnecessary suffering and misguided intents. However, we are at the end of a large evolutionary cycle whereby the earth is undergoing changes with her atomic composition which will force change on every level of earthly life. All forms will have to undergo extreme transmutations into the higher Light. It has been commanded from higher octaves of existence that the earth must now become quickened into Light vibration.

In our present physical form we are living in an embryo stage of our existence that soon will have the opportunity to become restructured into a light form with all the implications that this implies. We have yet to become birthed into the universe. The earth lifetimes are a place of gestation and maturation for the beings involved. It is the womb of a mother where the fetus has been given time and space to grow and mature. Many people have been attempting to mature and grow for eons of lifetimes with little or no success of ever being able to graduate from the rounds of rebirth. The human life is in its fetus form and the progression into immortality or eternity is your actual birth. You have yet to become fully developed into a permanent individuality of the living Spirit; a unique personalization of Omnipresence with the capabilities of continually expanding into more of its hidden potential. It is your destiny to undergo this transformation. First you raise your awareness into viewing things from a higher perspective. Then you begin the journey into the higher form made of the garment of Light. This transmutation awaits your participation. There is a need for you to more fully understand who you are and how important you are in the Universal Plan. These principles of mastery are the sacred keys of understanding that must be applied to your initiation into eternity. You will be demonstrating your mastery over the personal energies given to you for your use in the cycles of your human lifetimes.

This evolutionary leap is the next stage of human existence. I am in service to this plan of assisting those receptive enough who desire to go further and who feel the readiness within their soul to become birthed into the greater life. There is a Creator Source that exists at the center of all things and is also the omnipresent Life that surrounds all the creation. Through the indwelling Spirit you can become at one with this Source, expanding your life as a human being into becoming a part of the Source individualized within time and space, beyond the earth. There are several heavens or higher octaves of life within the earth itself, and after every lifetime you either graduate into a higher octave of your return into the same level to await another round of birth where you then have the opportunity to make great strides in honor of your advancement. You have been going back and forth between those higher dimensional earth levels and this level over many, many lifetimes. The initiation into eternity allows you to progress beyond the dimensions of the earth into the Cosmos. It establishes you into a higher life where you do not have to return over and over being born, growing up, learning to walk and talk, think and act with little or no memory of prior experiences.

The ascendant higher life returns to you all your memory of your place within the Universe. It re-establishes within you the consciousness of your union with Omnipresence. This returns to you your inheritance – the presence, intelligence, and powers of godhood. You’ll have access to travel within this local universe according to your level of development and the opportunities to use your gifts and personality in service to the Whole. The initiation into eternity is your agreement and commitment to doing the Will of God almighty eternally. That is the only way that you can grow and expand spiritually. The higher life is still similar to the physical realm but without the pain and hardship, poverty and lack. It is a realm of exquisite immersion in the God presence. The higher life is infused with love, understanding, exciting adventures to experience other civilizations and to participate in the unfoldment of the creation as all things seek to become raised into Light.  The Divine Parent holds a very personal and intimate place for each and every son and daughter. The Creator Source desires every part of creation to return their love to Him as a voluntary act of free will. It is always up to you; for your free will to choose is respected and cherished. 

In the Majesty of His Love
Michael of Nebadon

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