Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Circuits of Paradise and the Trinity Endowment

I've come into the garment of flesh and bone to teach you of Paradise Trinity Endowment. This is the Great Creative Law of the "I AM", the Descent of the Cosmic Sacred Fire Love to wipe out all destructive impulses in mankind. It is the way of Salvation or Atonement that is the Holy Grail of all Life. It is the Great Law of Existence which leads unto fulfillment of the Spiritual Promise for creating a life more abundant.

Understanding the Law of Life you can begin to cooperate with It. Applying the Law of Love you can wash away all darkness and distress in you. All unnecessary struggle psychologically and physically ceases for you. Following the Royal Road of Sovrnty or Sovereignty you will see results immediately in your life and personal world. It is the Way of Perfection - the mastery of all your energy and vibration -  and the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan of the Universe which is your immortal destiny to complete; "for the mortal shall put upon itself immortality". This occurs...and must take place... for all personality souls within the earth at some certain point in their lifetimes of learning..and it must be created by each from this level or octave of life;

"For ye shall weave a new garment of everlasting light...a body made of pure light...the Pure Electronic Force of Light, Love, and Life without the need for flesh and bone, negativity and struggle with money and supply.

"Ye shall weave by your understanding, cooperation, and adherence to Paradise Trinity Endowment and the Great Creative Law of the "I AM" . . . the Law of thy Existence . . .a living tapestry of powerful Light force reality . . . a garment of Light out of the very imperfections of your human energy field.

". . . and ye shall attain this great feat of the ages through the Holy Grail, by drawing down into your human imperfect experience the Cosmic Sacred Fire of Love and Mercy to wash away all that has not been made by God Himself."

Paradise Trinity Endowment allows each and every personality soul to progress along the byways of life unto the greater Life everlasting. The Person of the Paradise Father has given each a portion of Himself; the divine Person of the Eternal Son holds a drawing power, magnetizing and raising all life everywhere into union eternally with the Father Principle and drawing all upwards in their progression; and the Infinite Person of the Spirit actively ministers to all ascending personality souls. Through Trinity Endowment you gain access to the illuminated highway of spiritual progression. The Father Circuit, the Son Circuit, the Spirit Circuit beckons each onward and ever upward. The Circuit of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter, and the Circuit of the Universe Mother Spirit and Her Associates.

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon
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