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Thy Seven Bodies

Here is another excerpt from the activity of the Ascended Master El Morya which I think you'll find extremely helpful in understanding how things work. The website is here.

The original chart of the I AM Presence was done by May de Camera in the 1930's. She had a vision and put the results of this vision on paper. She was supported in this vision by the Ascended Host. The Masters wanted to place the attention of the students on the Electronic Body of the I AM Presence, the Tube (Pillar) of Light and the Violet Flame. All of these were new concepts at that time. The colors on this chart are incorrect. At that time the Masters did not give out the colors of the rays. They did this later, during the Bridge to Freedom Dispensation. Several years ago, the AMTF and other groups attempted to come up with a new chart, showing the correct colors of the rays of the Causal Body and the position of the Christ Self. We hired some artists who came up with a fairly good chart but we did not publish it, because all of the faces shown were not inspiring.

During our trip to Panama, mainly through the efforts Jorge Carrizzo’s "platoon," we revised our chart. We are very pleased with the new chart, since it contains all of the necessary elements the Masters emphasized during the "Bridge to Freedom."

The I AM Presence and the Threefold Flame
The I AM Presence is the individualized focus of God, connected to the heart of the physical body through the silver cord. It is the “real you,” the being through which you will function after you have achieved your ascension. It is the God within you and knows only perfection, and is ever pouring it forth, expanding it. It is your permanent self, which never dies.

This individualized focus has the potential power of the God-parents. The I AM Presence can think and create from primal life what it desires, through the use of free will.

When you first came to the planet Earth, the glorious Presence of God filled the entire form which you then wore. That God Presence, enfolded in the Threefold Flame, was visible to the physical sight of all men. Through the rhythm of that flame, you were able to draw from universal light substance any form you desired, and by the magnetic power of the coalescing action of the flame, you could design and precipitate food, clothing, shelter, temples, or whatever you desired or required. Through the power of your feelings, which energized these thoughtforms, these manifestations took place instantly.

What has happened to that magnificent Presence? When the ATTENTION no longer rested on that God-Presence, but began to focus on the human creation that man was generating, the flame within the heart began to DECREASE in size and influence. In the average spiritually-unawakened individual, this flame is now less than one-sixteenth of an inch in height!

As that flame in the heart is now FED by your ATTENTION and LOVE, which is your life, it will begin to increase in size. This focus of God-perfection, anchored within the physical heart of every individual functioning in a physical body, is composed of three beautiful plumes of brilliant flame – blue (representing energy, which becomes power through use), gold – the center plume (representing wisdom and illumination) and the pink plume (representing divine love), on the right.

The presence of God, WHEN INVOKED AND ACKNOWLEDGED, always fills the individual with light!
If you would be consciously believe that “I LIVE, MOVE, AND HAVE MY BEING IN THE VERY PRESENCE OF GOD – I cannot lift a finger, except by the use of the life of that Presence – I cannot speak a word, but for that Presence,” consecrating your mind and feelings to remembering the actual presence of God, then shall you truly be a LIGHT BEARER to the world!

The Causal Body
All of the constructively qualified energy gathered during all of your embodiments, is contained in the great reservoir of good and perfection, shown as seven concentric circles of color around the I AM Presence. This is known as the Causal Body, and within this body are stored the “treasures in Heaven which can neither be stolen, rust, nor decay.”

The Causal Body contains the “accumulated good”—the opposite of karma—which is the energy qualified in a harmonious manner.

The Causal Body of each individual is built through eons of time, starting with the time we passed through the Seven Spheres. Even when out of embodiment, dwelling at inner spheres, we are adding to the good of this Causal Body. Thus you can see all Causal Bodies are not alike. The band of the color of the sphere in which you spent the longest amount of time will be the largest around the Causal Body. It determines the ray to which you, as an individual, belong. We can often discover the ray to which we belong by asking ourselves what our favorite color is. An individual may be on two rays, one of them being dominant. Really advanced students may be on several rays. 

There is an additional service the Causal Body performs. When only 51% of the energy of the individual is qualified with perfection, that energy anchored within the Causal Body acts as a magnet, assisting the lifestream to ascend. Thus, the Causal Body becomes the cause of the ascension, from whence comes its name.

The Christ Self
When the individual decided to apply for embodiment, the Christ Self came into being. This Christ Self is the provision which the I AM Presence has made to give us assistance in the human world. It is a replica (in form) of the I AM Presence, but vibrates at a lower rate. The Christ Self abides in a position between the I AM Presence and the physical body. It regulates the amount of energy flowing through the silver cord.
Operating at a lower vibration, it is aware of imperfection such as disease, but does not take it on and accept it. The Christ Self is aware of what we are doing and whatever our needs are, and it takes those needs to the I AM Presence. Therefore, the Christ Self functions as a step-down transformer. The Christ Self is the discriminative, directing intelligence through which the Presence works. It guides the individual in a particular embodiment. It is “the still, small voice within,” also called the guardian angel, sometimes giving promptings to do certain things. The number of promptings is usually three. If we do not follow these promptings, they will be discontinued after the third time.

The Mental Body
The mental body was formed out of the substance of the air. It was designed to be the chalice for the receptivity of divine ideas. It has the power to mold these ideas into workable form. The mind, also called consciousness is contained in the mental body.

The mental body was created to be the instrument to hold the pattern, or vision of perfection, to build the form of what you desire to manifest, holding it until the feelings energize it for physical manifestation. Mankind has used this process in reverse, by holding in the mind pictures of imperfection propelled into manifestation by energizing these imperfect pictures through the feelings.

Watch what you invite to be the guests of your mental body for the next twenty-four-hour period! Change your habits of thought, feeling and spoken word!

The Emotional Body
The emotional body, the largest of the four lower bodies (consisting of the emotional-, mental-, etheric- and physical bodies) contains our feeling world. Its correct service is to nourish divine ideas with the positive feeling of accomplishment, to radiate the nature of God and every virtue of happiness, purity, mercy, forgiveness, and peace. The mental body was designed to create form, the feeling body was created to nourish that form with qualified life. Having total control of feelings is a desirable goal.

When the emotional body was created, it was made up of electrons drawn from the emotional realm, the realm of feeling, the realm of the angels and the Archangels.

Your emotional body is made up of millions of tiny electrons in constant movement. These form the atoms. Now, if that motion of the electrons is in accord with the rhythm of your God-flame, and is in accord with the constructive radiation of some Master, that's fine. Then, your emotional body deflects all destructive feelings projected at you, as well as all the discordant energy which you contact. You are then the master control of all energy, wherever you are.

The Etheric Body and the Soul
In the etheric body are contained the memories of all past deeds, thoughts and feelings during former embodiments—both good and evil. The accumulation of these records is called the soul. The etheric body, therefore, is the envelope of the soul. When an individual is not in embodiment, he lives in his etheric body, and has the consciousness of the soul.

Discordant experiences have caused wounds or tears in the etheric body. These nature heals and patches over, but the scars remain, and under certain circumstances or during similar experiences, when undue pressure is placed on that scar by these similar experiences, it acts like an incision. It gives way, bursts open, and manifests as disease, distress or disharmony. Deep feeling definitely makes a record on the etheric body.

The etheric body is the one most closely connected to the physical, and it is the one in which you travel at night, when you sleep. So, the more purified that etheric body is, and the more sensitive it is to divinity, the easier it is when that etheric body slips back into and around the physical body, to remember the divine truths and happy experiences that take place at the inner levels—to know the joy of being in the presence of the Divine Beings and bringing that association back into the world of form.

When you live, over and over again, the distressing things of the past, you energize them to again act in your world. This is why, in recounting the history of mankind, the Masters never told of the destructive records of wars and injuries to physical bodies.

The Physical Body
The physical body provides the anchorage to the Earth. It is the vehicle through which man functions and expands the borders of God's kingdom into a lower vibratory plane. The physical body, therefore, is the temple of the living God.

Originally, this body was not as dense as it is now. It vibrated at a much higher level and it consisted of what we would today call etheric substance. Mankind, as it existed during the first Golden Age, would appear to us today as etheric, misty, shadowy beings, but of identical form as mankind today, if we could see these beings at all.

The silver cord enters the physical body at the top of the head (the soft spot of a newborn baby), and provides the connection to the Christ Self and the I AM Presence. It is the life-giving, life-maintaining fount of energy. If left without this fountain of life-force, the physical body could not operate, and so-called death would ensue.

The brain is the physical organ through which the mind functions. It registers impressions from the outer world. The brain is the vehicle of the mind.

By the correct use of the creative word “I AM,” which is the name of God, himself (Exodus 3:14), and by cleansing his four lower bodies through use of the violet flame, man may build his world, anew, and attain eternal mastery in the victory of his ascension into light. This is the immortal goal of every lifestream on this planet or any other – the ascension into the light! The Ascended Master Jesus Christ accomplished this victory, and attained his own ascension by the faithful use of the same laws which he and the other Great Ones are teaching us, today. Did he not say: “The things I have done SHALL YE DO ALSO!”?

The Masters pointed out that we are only aware of a small fraction of the conditions and things that surround us and influence us. We live right now within the physic realm. There are living, pulsating discordantly-qualified vibrations (entities) around us. These vibrations move like a whirlpool of energy, emanating destructively-qualified radiation. They are the “causes and cores” of centuries of misqualified energy by mankind.

Therefore, never, under any circumstances, start your day without calling on your I AM Presence to place the Protective Pillar of Light around you.

See this white pillar of Light 9 feet in diameter around you. It will protect you from the imperfect thoughtforms floating in the atmosphere of Earth. 

Almighty God, in his great mercy and compassion, has given us, for our use, a mighty, powerful ERASER of misqualified, imperfect energy. This is the Violet Transmuting Flame.

Until a short time ago, the knowledge of this flame was known and taught only in the retreats of the Ascended Masters throughout the world, but because of the short duration of time in which certain things must be accomplished, it has been brought into the outer world, where ANYONE can know of it, use it, and experience the freedom which it brings.

Under the action of the old Occult Law, the redemption of misqualified energies—whether registered on the physical, mental or emotional body—was through suffering and disease. The Occult Law was set aside in 1930 by the Cosmic Being Victory, and this energy can be redeemed and set free through the use of the Violet Flame. This is God's Law of Grace in action.

The Violet Flame is a current of energy which has been qualified to seize imperfect energy and transmute it, so that it may be charged with PERFECTION once again. It is an activity of love, mercy and compassion, which can dissolve the CAUSES set up by mankind, whose effects would be most distressing. Unless mankind can come into this understanding and consciously USE this Violet Fire, they will have to meet up with these causes, that bring such suffering into the world.

Everyone has had more than one hundred embodiments, and all of us have accumulated a great deal of karma. Since, as students of the light, we know of the Violet Flame, the Cosmic Law expects us to use that flame. Karma is returning to the students at a much faster pace; some of it is returning AT LEAST ONCE A DAY. Therefore, USE THAT FLAME OF MERCY at least twice, or better, three times a day.

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon
aka Esu Kumara Michael

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