Monday, January 28, 2013

Personal Immortality through Paradise Trinity Endowment

Expand the Force of Life within thy heart by simply inviting It to do so. Say, " Christ Force of Life that I AM, expand thy glory and power. Quicken all of our energy field unto thy Perfection." This would be a kind of invocation and invitation. Then, you can use the power of identification and inquiry to affirm and begin to perceive, " I AM Pure God Presence right here and right now." That would be a decree of sorts, simple and effective to begin to invite and identify with the One Principle everywhere to be found.

Take life more slowly so that you can contemplate a bit more often that God is the animating power and principle that breathes you, moves you, motivates you in all things. Do this in the quiet of your own time a few moments each day and invite thy own Selfhood to step forward and take dominion over the human imperfections in you. Ask that it come forth to wash away those things that you inwardly struggle with in the quiet of your own heart and mind and body. In just this simple way will you gradually be raising thyself into a new life momentum while purifying the negative accumulations from the lifetimes of error and outer sensory focus.

Using our attention and focus of mind and thought to become aware of the inner God Self that animates you in every second and walks with you and is waiting upon you to desire It; to desire to blend eternally with Him...the particle or spark of the Father Source. Invite Him to take control of your disharmony and then be willing to cooperate with Him in His adjustments that are a necessary part of the process of becoming sovereign and free within thy own energy field and vibration. Sovereignty is thy become matured and developed beyond the collective race consciousness which runs toward pleasure and seeks to escape from will rise up beyond the extremes or polarities, wash it away in favor of a more unified existence in God...within the Peace and Joy and Security and Clarity of the One Intelligence and Power that you are and will experience directly if you follow this approach unto Him. He is all Love and Mercy and desires for you only Goodness, Truth, and Beauty for your life and personal world.

Find the Circuits of the Paradise Trinity Endowment first, as the Father Principle within that is thy true identity. Second, the all-pervading omnipresence of the Eternal Son which is a spiritual magnet drawing all creation upwards in vibratory radiance; third, the surrounding-enfolding presence of My Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth which is thy given teacher and guide, although I AM with you always, you must choose to allow Me to show you the way. Last, the Person of the Infinite Spirit and His personalization of Himself as the Universe Mother Spirit of each local universe. She is the source of all mind and power within thee. She will minister to you in all Mercy and Grace through Her divine associates; those beings who have been created from Her Essence. They will radiate downward unto thee their Infinite Power and Purity to help aid you in your ascent into the completion of the earth evolution and beyond.

Thus, is this the very beginning of your association with the Paradise Endowment that I've come to share with you, so that you know you are prepared for, nurtured, cared about, and that this design of the ages is intending your conscious participation. This is the main way that you can be of service and do God's Will - by becoming actualized in your own sovereign right and authority as a son or daughter of the Eternal Center and Source.

I encourage each of you who choose to read and study my writings, to take the next steps and apply these principles of Life so that you can become a living representation of these eternal verities; thy doorway unto Personal Immortality.

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon
aka Esu Kumara Michael

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