Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Destiny is Thine Choice in Each Moment

Thy attention and focus, where you choose to place the beam of your awareness, creates destiny. Attention plus feelings or emotion sets the energy of our life into motion. Try to walk across the room without first placing your thought attention and feeling upon the picture image of walking across the room. You simply cannot do anything without first placing your thought and feeling into an image. That Life energy that gives you the ability to hold a thought and feeling is the God force within you. So, whatever you focus attention upon sends the God Force into motion into that direction of our focus. Over time, we accumulate a momentum which carries us into the chosen direction. So why do I share this with you? Because you can become more aware of where you place your thought and feeling and you can correct many errors or struggles by changing the attention and focus. Over time and space, you will begin to adjust the accumulations and momentum that will carry you more directly upward into experiencing living life from a grander place right within yourself. This is the creative act of shaping thy future possibilities into the direction more akin to your hearts desire.

Think on this and allow yourself to reflect upon how you are using the beam of thy attention and feeling. Are you directing it into the areas that you want more of, or are you sabotaging thyself by focusing upon whatever you don't want. This is an understanding of the Law of Existence using the One and Only force of Life or the God Force of the Universes to create thy destiny and thy future.

You are God the Supreme within time and space creation announcing creation in your part of the universe. You are an Individualization of the One Force of Life and Love which is everywhere present and is made of the most potent creative power anywhere in existence. You are in the nursery school of the Earth learning how to master the use of your own life force energy. To understand how you set into motion vibration which cloths or conditions your own life presence energies in this creative act of thy existence. As God Individualized and a master in training, you have the opportunity to shape thy destiny and thy life existence in each and every moment. When finally you learn to cloth your own life force energies with qualities that are only constructive and uplifting, then you will begin to master your existence and graduation will be just around the corner for you. Until then, you are bound and limited within the sandbox of the Earth school.

Place thy attention upon the source of your life which gives to you the animating power to do all things in thy existence. Give adoration and love back to that source which is located right within thy heart. Thy attention upon that Spark grows it into a living flame that devours all struggle and distress, all lack and limitation. This expansion of that spark of God that you are must be freely chosen. It doesn't happen for anyone without their consent and participation. You are learning of the power that you possess creatively to set into motion in your life and surroundings vibration and energy patterns, qualities that make you happy or sad. By focusing upon the God Force at the heart center of thyself, you allow His Omnipotence within that very Spark to expand and grow. You become a Sun Presence of that Light and Love which is thy nature and identity. Naturally, you will be transfiguring the density and darkness, the confusions and indecision, the emotions in you that are heavy and hurtful to thy life and existence. The Light of God within that Spark becomes a Fuller Flame which will compel thy glory to unfold as sons and daughters of the One Source and Center, sometime called the Great Central Sun.

Decree: "I AM a Sun Presence of the Glory of God. His Radiant Body of Pure Light."

Say this decree which invites the Immortal Host of Heaven into thy life. Say it with deep felt feelings and the power of the beam of thy attention upon the God Force at the heart. Breathe into your heart with awareness of this growing power that you are and will become ever greater as you learn the Laws of thy Existence and practice applying constructively thy creative power as a living part of the Almighty God.

In the Majesty of His Love
Michael of Nebadon

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