Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Celestial Host of Heaven

Conscious acknowledgement of the Great I AM within thee, and which you are, and recognizing the need for Its use, will gradually raise the vibratory action of thy atomic structure, unleashing and freeing up the Power of the Electronic Light which remains hidden within each atom within thy field of receptivity - the four lower bodies - enabling you to become Self-luminous beings, free and immortal. This is the great balancing of all lifetimes and the transcendence from the cycle of birth and rebirth. It is the Royal Road of Sovrnty which I teach and share with you each one who dares to follow in the footsteps of the Immortal Host of Heaven.

Invite the Host into your daily application of these Principles by Decree and Invocation such as focusing thy mind and feelings upon the thought and vision that, " I AM Purity White Fire Immaculate Conception. Pure Sacred Fire Love. I command myself unto thy Will."

Give your attention and feelings to your own indwelling Life Presence...the Life Force of God Himself who has given to each one a portion of Himself . . . a spark of Himself; for each personality has the free will choice to devote themselves to expanding that spark into a living flame that expands and encompasses your entire field of receptivity...thy field of personal consciousness. When that takes place for you, ye begin to weave the seamless garment of eternal light out from the human imperfections of thy flesh body.

It is this teaching that I gave over my many ministries in the past, and I AM giving you the very same teachings and instruction which I had reserved for my closest disciples. It is the way that the mortal puts on immortality. The false transmutes into the true. The unreal become transfigured into the real. The personality soul becomes expanded unto the Flame of God within, and that Flame carries the temporal human being/soul personality upwards in a vibratory action that elevates the unascended human being into the Ascended Immortal Master. Thus, the evolution unto the realms of immortality forever takes place for another son or daughter of God.

In the Majesty of His Love Everlasting
Michael of Nebadon
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