Monday, January 21, 2013

Beloved Mother Mary Shares

In reading her book through the Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, a really blessed activity of El Morya, I have come across several really great insights, thoughts, and subtle explanations by Mother Mary on her lifetime with Jesus and what they did each day when he was growing up to help build in him the consciousness of God. I share this with you here as various excerpts that I've extracted from her book in the hopes that it too will help to support and guide you in your unfoldment realization into greater Love, Mercy, and the realization of His Ever-Presence in our lives which is imminent and available at all times, and is the very Life Force and Power, Energy, and Intelligence that we each have within us and that we each are, in individualization. As you read allow yourself to gather their momentum of experience by asking for the feelings of their attainment; as this kind of sharing is truly the holy grail of all attainment into Light and Immortality.

"Our soul has the power to magnify anything that we choose to accept as real. We may magnify an appearance of illness and distress or we may magnify the Lord of Life. These are the principles of resurrection and ascension; to learn how to deliberately magnify the Lord instead of appearances.

Our souls are magnets. From our soul flows our Life. That with which our attention connects, our soul does magnify. It is a mathematical and scientific principle which none can escape.You may magnify good or evil. When your attention connects with any appearance, your life flows from your own heartbeat into it and it grows, magnifying in your own consciousness - both in the appearance world and in the inner realms of our field of receptivity.

Now we may either magnify the shadows and distresses of the appearance world, or we may magnify the Power of God by turning the beam of our energy and attention to that indwelling enfolding directive Intelligence of the Christ.

Hold the attention there, dedicating it to receiving and magnifying it's Powers and Qualities, until our Inner Self grows in confidence, grows in beauty and grows in perfection in imitation of that One God Force - its pattern and perfection.

We shall not magnify that hurt or that scar. We shall magnify Our Lord by turning our attention to that Perfect Pattern and draw down to us the healing and peace of that Presence through our beings until the appearance of imperfection would disappear. Do this systematically and do it daily. Gather a momentum that will be building a positive power of resistance in your consciousness against every appearance of evil. Turn all the power of your energy to Life Itself, even until death is vanquished.

Magnify not the appearance of distress. Instead, magnify the All-power of the Presence, until the energy of the up-reaching consciousness would conduct the substance of healing, supply and protection, into the world of form.

How simple it is to connect with the Christ self...the I AM Presence...the inner God Force which animates thy every movement. It is done by just turning your attention, your spirit and your senses to the ever-present God within your heart, allowing your energies to bask in that uplifting, healing, omnipotent and omnipresent consciousness of all Goodness, Truth, and Beauty; feeling the Flame of your own heart like an unfolding lotus, conducting those God-qualified energies into the world of form.

Become a conductor of healing beginning with thy attention and energy, thy senses and trust and faith and allow this to expand through thy force field.  Connect the energies of thy physical and inner bodies with the I AM...Atmic Principle, the God Principle and Power and Presence right directly within you as the animating power energizing thy every move in every moment.. Let no outer appearance of imperfection cause us to draw even an electron from thy feeling world or cause us to magnify it. I AM Pure Omnipresence Itself, all-pervading omniscience and omnipotence desiring to expand My Perfection and Harmony into the world of form.

It is one of the simplest activities, just a 'letting go' of the limited outer self and connecting inwardly with the Presence of God, allowing His power of healing, of supply or of peace, to flow into manifestation; feeling the power of our own energies connecting with the power of the Christ Self.

You move around in the world of form and your senses have been in the habit of bringing to your consciousness reports of good and evil. Won't you now try to change that by accepting only the good, true, and beautiful.

May every God Presence now individualized choose to magnify the good, beautiful, and true in each other. To focus upon exclusively the formless, nameless, indescribable Consciousness and Presence of God.

Relaxation in His Ever-Presence. The comradeship and friendship between me and my own individualized God Presence builds a momentum. I AM the Ocean of His consciousness. Perceive Me everywhere and behold all things are within Me.

Do all things in His Name. From the simplest things being done realize that it is the life of God that enables us to do, and so, always do all things to the glory of God!  Everything we did all through our lives was done in His Name, to His glory and by His power. To His glory means that we do it to expand and glorify God.
By His power we do all things by recognizing and realizing it is by His power that gives us the animating power and intelligence to do it; even the planting of a simple beautiful flower into the ground. Be in His realization while doing all things. You, too, do everything by His power but you must continually remind the outer conscious mind of it.

When you so remind yourself enough, you will come to realize that God is not far off but is the animating principle of your very self!"

These excerpts are from Mother Mary in Memoirs of Beloved Mary by Thomas Printz, Ascended Master Teaching Foundation

Michael of Nebadon

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