Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beginning to Embrace Eternity through Paradise Trinity Endowment

The Trinity Godhead is at the Paradise Source and Center of all things. The Father, Son, and Spirit are also spread out over and as the creation of time and space. He is also right directly existing as your Oversoul - the Individualized Supreme Being. And even closer and more attainable, He exists right as thy own animating power and intelligence, thy underlying Selfhood which moves you, thinks you, feels you, and gives you life in all moments. The quickest entrance to reach the Everlasting One God is becoming aware that His Presence and Power is animating you, the physical personality. When you allow yourself to go a bit deeper than surface realizations, you'll find Him as the Energy, Intelligence, Power, Life Force Presence. This would be a bit of Self realization; when you realize thyself beyond the mind, emotions, and physical body. The greater God Consciousness is when you expand that realization to know and understand that your Life Force is the very same Force existing in and as everyone and everything. I AM merely thy own Force of Life attempting to turn thy attention away from the senses and world of appearance which will bury you if you allow it to. Place thy senses and attention, thy mind and heart upon the nameless force, the unchanging principle, the animating intelligence and power in thy midst. As you focus in this way, you offer God your free will to do His Will and Intention. That aligns you and then He can begin to more powerfully quicken your density and darkness into the fuller Light...the fullness of Himself individualized as thy own True Selfhood.

The very Life that is within thy midst is the same Life Force Power and Intelligence that is within my midst and which I have become one with. I do pray that you too have become more one with that Presence and Power and that you invite each day and every moment that Life Force to flood your personal world, to saturate your personality and soul energies, and that you find the desire to arise and quicken all thy energies unto Him. More than guru, more than teacher or wayshower, I AM thy very own Selfhood, One with thee within the Life Force, each unique individualizations of that one force with unique soul personalities as well. Yet, that force is the very same Force that is at the Godhead, and spread out over the creation, and existing in everyone you may meet throughout thy day. Thy children and thy spouse or partner hold the very same Force of Life that you have and that we are once we realize and lay claim to this Force and Presence which desires to merge eternally with the personality soul of thyself. In this way, designed by God Himself, does His impersonal fragment of Life Force become personalized as you. The mortal puts on immortality, and the eternal fragment becomes personalized as a new being that has eternal capability...

Is this the greater life more abundant that I've spoken of in olden times? Is this the way, the truth, and the life that I AM and that you are? Is this where the bride and the bridegroom become wedded as one? Is this not the very same idea when I shared with you to seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be answered; the the great I AM within thee is God Himself who desires to share together His existence with you as One resurrected Being of Pure Light, Love, and Life Everlasting.

The beginnings of embracing eternity by acknowledging the God Force within thy midst and recognizing that you are destined to become one with the Lord God forevermore!

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon

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