Saturday, December 1, 2012

Trinity Endowment in Action by Us

Invocation and Invitation: Thou Immortal Purity of the Ascended Host; I AM Purity Crystal White Fire thy Immaculate Conception. 

Thus, I AM drawing into physical conditions the Cosmic Sacred Fire Love which transfigures all energy and vibration into Itself. This is the Descent of the Cosmic Sacred Fire making constructive use of the Trinity Endowment - the Infinite Spirit and His Personalization and Focalization of the Infinite Mother Spirit of our local universe who is spread out over and through this part of creation. She is also known as the Holy Spirit. 

In this way, do we draw downward a part of the Endowment of the Trinity Source and Center to expand the Kingdom of Light, Life, and Love. Only in this way can the current civilization evolve out from the contractions of its self-created darkness. 

So, if you desire to serve God, then first purify thyself into greater Light and then allow that Light and Love to expand outward unto your particular location within the Earth. At Sovrnty, we attain this through Invocation, Instruction, Identification, Inquiry, and Invitation. 

It is the five "I's" that make us wise!

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